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  • Logo quiz football teams 14/15




    Logo quiz football teams is a logo quiz game very complete of football, as it has a total of 718 football teams over 44 leagues, divided in 4 continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe). Game has more first division football teams that other available. Millions of football fans around the...

  • Tamago egg tap tap clicker




    Tamago egg tap tap clicker is the best tamago style games! At this game, you can get monsters and train them to evolve. The unique with 2 evolutions per monster! Going to gallery and you can see them evolve again! Features - Explore 5 different zones - Many eggs to tap tap - 60 monsters to...

  • Guess the songs Music Quiz




    Guess songs music quiz is the most complete and fun music game for Android. If you were looking for a game of music songs with many different artists and bands, hundreds of songs, several levels, multiple game modes, and many styles of music including songs in various languages ... you've...

  • BMI calculator ideal weight




    BMI calculator ideal weight is a very complete application that lets you know the status of your body through 9 different indexes and check if you need to lose weight or dieting. Features - Indices included: body mass index (BMI), ideal weight, waist hip, Pignet index, complexion, energy...

  • Treasure Hunter: Egypt




    Treasures of ancient Egypt are buried in the desert for thousands of years, waiting for being found by a real treasure hunter. In this game to dig, your mission is to recover all the treasures buried in maps and demonstrate throughout this adventure, that the pharaohs and gods are by your side....

  • Logo quiz brands




    Logo quiz brands is a competition logo quiz that consists of guessing the logos of popular international brands. It’s the most complete guessing game of logos that you can find, as it has more than 800 brands, 3 different game modes, 9 categories to choose from and more than 80 levels for you to...

  • Classical piano relax music




    Classical piano relax music offers you the possibility to listen to small fragments of piano jointed for you. Surely the fantastic audio quality of this app will surprise you. Whether you listen on your phone or through headphones, you will notice right away that it is probably the best you have...

  • Nature relax music




    Nature relaxing music allows reaching a relax state. The best android nature sounds are here. If you want to relax daily, don't search more. Do you have stress every day? Get now this relax music and feel instantly released. If you are searching a good app with nice design, customizable and...

  • Personal daily horoscope




    We are faced every day with new challenges and situations in which we make decisions, and sometimes we rely on horoscopes or tarot cards to see how we will go on. For all those people who believe there is a magical force capable of predicting the future, it has created Horoscope journal, an...

  • Chill out relaxing music




    Chill out relaxing music helps you immerse in a relaxed and different environment, thanks to his informal and soft melodies. With this selection of chill out music, you can convert any space and time in a unique experience. Quick and easy you can get a touch of happiness and relaxation to your...

  • Farts and burps sound board




    Do you love fart sounds? and burp sounds? yes? don't search more, this app have fart and burp sound board! 2 in 1 app! Farts and burps sound board is an application that joins farts and burps to have fun and to make jokes. Enjoy a visually attractive application with mp3 quality sound...

  • Memory 2 3 4 match up!




    The traditional style memory game matching pairs is sometimes not enough to develop the mind, so Memory 2 3 4 match up! has been developed with many options to memorize the pairs, find three same images, guess 4 of a kind or match correctly all the cards. It's a game of cards or chips in the...

  • Encourage and motivate




    There are moments of the day when you feel tired, discouraged or unmotivated and you need something to help you and give you strength. Sometimes it is someone who tells you something positive or support you, but there are cases where that is not possible. With this application, you will always...

  • Pray and give thanks




    Some people dedicate a few minutes each day to pray or give thanks for something or someone. Pray and give thanks is an application that helps you find prayer or petition to fit every occasion. It may be helpful for everyone: from believers to pray to their god, to a virgin or saint, to...

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