• Musical Keyboard




    A simple musical keyboard. Use the slider to change octaves. It has piano and flute modes, along with two different note durations.

  • Digital Genius




    Test your knowledge on concepts from digital logic. Find out how well you know logic gates and other concepts. This app was made as part of a research project for a class. It will be updated regularly to add new quizzes.

  • Digital Logic Ch. 2 Quiz




    This is a quiz I made for a class at my school. It is to review Ch.2 Digital Logic concepts such as binary numbers, hexadecimal numbers, and ASCII tables. It is meant as a teaching aid for any electrical engineering students. This app has been integrated into Digital Genius.

  • Range Finder




    This app finds the range to a target using an estimated size and the number of mils from the scope. It is intended to be used for long range target practice when range cannot be easily verified. If you like it, please rate well. Update Fixed difference between range when given yards and...

  • Addition Problem




    A simple addition problem I made for class. It creates a simple addition problem and asks the user to solve it.

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