Power2Media BV

  • Workgenda




    Efficient and fast planning of (flex) employees by eliminating call times & uncertainty

  • sPowerComm


    Corporate communication, enabling companies to protect their data within the communications, either internal or with their customers. Not only creates sPowerComm a company secure communications environment but it also ensures that in case of loss of a device which has been involved in such...

  • Appgenda




    Je schoolagenda staat voortaan op je smartphone Handig, leuk en helemaal van jezelf. Met Appgenda heb je je van foto’s, plaatjes en andere extra’s uitpuilende schoolagenda handig bijeen op je smartphone. Appgenda is volledig naar eigen smaak te pimpen en te delen met vrienden. Appgenda is meer...

  • Powercomm




    Powercomm is a cross-communicator enabling people to communicate in a rich way, regardless the community they belong to and regardless the type of handsets they are using. Hence Powercomm is not just another chat app enabling smartphone to smartphone communication: you can chat with other...

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