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  • AuthentiQate




    Strong Authentication using soft tokens on mobile devices. Authenticate to multiple platforms with a single device. OTP generated out of band so connectivity is not required. Easy to use and mass deploy; no hardware costs. Use the device you already own.

  • Datapipe Auth




    IT services. If you are not a Datapipe customer you will not be able to use this application. Datapipe Auth is a Soft Token application, used in conjunction with Datapipe’s Two-Factor Authentication managed security service. It enables role based access control (RBAC) to resources hosted at...

  • TATA Token Manager




    Users are no longer required to carry around multiple bulky hardware tokens and are replaced by installing light weight token manager on their existing Android Phone Devices. The TATA token software can maintain multiple OTP generating algorithms for access into an unlimited number of unique...

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