• ppinng!HDR




    ppinng!HDR: Wink of brilliance "HDR?..High dynamic range photography? Why do I need it?" Try clicking at bright outdoors with interesting people in the shadows. Auto-exposure tends to decrease exposure, dimming your subjects further. And try clicking in a dark room with a small...

  • ppinng!myPF




    ppinng!myPF Worried about your EPF(Employee provident fund) account balance! Want to know the exact amount! This app removes all your worries. Calculates the exact PF amount accumulated over a period of years. This is must to have app on your mobile if you are Indian citizen and member of...

  • ppinng!cop




    On a nice get together occassion 4 friends are drinking and chit chatting.... Ji: Hey guys.. you know i can drink two pegs and drive my bike at 120. Jin: Shut up.. thats nothing i can have a whole quarter and do wheeling in my bike. Jing: Haha.. thats it? everytime i go for my viva...

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