Practically Simple Software

  • Info Stuff


    This is an app that provides you with the stuff you want to know about. Like news, sports, stock market, economy, weather, science, technology, and other stuff. Perfect for passing the time while you're on break at work, waiting for stuff, or just have some free time.

  • Checkbook Register




    v2.24 Securely Track Your Finances The Android Checkbook Register application is for replacing your paper checkbook register, balancing your checking, savings, and other accounts, and to stay organized with your income and expenses, knowing the actual balances with regard to pending...

  • (Demo) Checkbook Register




    Demo v2.25 **** This is the free, demo version, which only allows 2 accounts to be created, and limits the number of transactions per account to 5, and most of the application's extras like password protection have been disabled. The free-version has been provided for demonstration...

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