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  • Store It Smart




    Are you tired of watching your fresh fruits and vegetable spoil too quickly? Can't seem to ripen those great peaches you got from the farmers' market? Store It Smart will come to your rescue! We cover over 80 common types of fruits, vegetables and pantry staples. For each one we...

  • Produce Converter




    Are you tired of recipes that call for "The Juice of 1 Lime" when you only have bottled lime juice. Can't figure out how many onions you need to buy so you can get "2 Cups of Onion, Chopped"? This app will solve all your produce conversion questions! We give you...

  • Chile Pepper Picker




    Everyone knows their jalapeno, habanero and serrano peppers but what about the dundicut, Guntur Sannam, or Kashmiri? We provide extended descriptions of 44 peppers including their origin and history, at least one full-color photograph, the scoville rating, how to use or serve, pronunciation,...

  • Molecular Gastronomy




    Molecular gastronomy is quickly gaining popularity in restaurants and home kitchens but the terminology can be very intimidating. Our app defines more than 60 terms from modernist cuisine so you can intelligently discuss molecular gastronomy! Learn about terms such as: Agar Agar Spherification...

  • Cuts of Meat


    beef cuts, cuts of meat, cuts of beef, meat, steak, steaks, cow, beef, roast, butcher, beef recipes Do you have trouble finding a cut of meat that a recipe calls for? Never sure how to cook a certain kind of beef? Then the Cuts of Meat app is for you! We cover more than 50 cuts of beef,...

  • Vegetable Garden Guides




    Designed as a reference for experienced gardeners and a learning tool for novices, our vegetable garden guides will help you successfully grow and harvest over 90 vegetables and herbs. You can even take your own notes for any of the vegetables and mark your favorite vegetables so they are easily...

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