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Radio Corazón for Android

The nº1 radio in Chile is already available in you smartphone! With this app take your favorite music and programs of Radio Corazón wherever you go: in the “pega”, on the subway, in the north or in the south. Follow the stories of Chacotero Sentimental, enjoy the company of Leo Caprile and Pato Torresand listen the crazy things of Julio Stark and “…

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Download RadioActiva FM – Chile RadioActiva FM – Chile icon
RadioActiva FM – Chile

Now you can carry all the FUAAAA from RadioActiva, with your programs and favourite music wherever you travel inside Chile or around the world, just with your smartphone. We walk beside you with the most vibrating music, the matters you are interested on and also you will see additional material like the latest videos of your favourite artists, our…

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Download Radio Rock&Pop for Android Radio Rock&Pop for Android icon
Radio Rock&Pop for Android

Now you can carry in your smartphone Rock&Pop and the music you like all over Chile and the world. We broadcast your favorites artists nonstop, interesting news and also we give you access to additional material like the latest videoclips on cyberspace and also our own videos. Our app includes: o Live streaming o Tracks information o News o Ex…

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Download Radio Concierto - Chile Radio Concierto - Chile icon
Radio Concierto - Chile

The voice of the 80’ now lives in your smartphone. Because we don’t need a Bic ballpen anymore to listen once again the music of your favourite decade, anywhere you are in Chile or the world; because our songs belongs to another decade but our technology belongs to the present, we move with you thanks to our app. We go with you with our programs: t…

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Download Radio Pudahuel Radio Pudahuel icon
Radio Pudahuel

Pudahuel, Chile’s Radio, is with you everywhere. Download this app in your Smartphone and don’t miss the company and advices of: ““La Mañana de Pablo Aguilera”; the news and spark of Juan La Rivera and Angélica Guerrero in “Buenos días Chile, buenos días Pudahuel”; the friendlyness of Claudia Sáez and Titi García Huidobro in “Las muñecas se peinan”…

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