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Current GPS Location

An application that defines your coordinates by GPS Using this application you can share your location with your friends in any convenient way. Also interesting the place to note for himself, exporting location in Google Doc. Handy app if you want to meet with friends in a public place, difficult address, or let's say somewhere in the park or n…

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Download Small Text Editor Small Text Editor icon
Small Text Editor

This small application allows you to easily edit text documents. You can create a new document (or open an existing text document) to make the necessary changes and save it or send e-mail. The purpose of the application was the need for a simple application to quickly edit text documents and then save and send e-mail. We do not set ourselves the ta…

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Download Loan and Deposit calculator Loan and Deposit calculator icon
Loan and Deposit calculator

Application for calculating deposits, loan repayments, effective interest rate of loan. With this loan calculator you can calculate two types of loan payments – Standart(Annuity) and Differential payment. Moreover you can see payment table on differential payment. Distinctive feature of this loan calculator is ability to calculate the effective in…

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Download CB data backup CB data backup icon
CB data backup

This application creates backup copies of your master data and stores it in a format *.xml. This format understand many applications so you can easily make changes to an external editor. At any time you can restore the saved data. The application has a small size, the size of the backup depends on the amount of your data. Backup & restore your…

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Download CB Screen Resolution CB Screen Resolution icon
CB Screen Resolution

This application displays your screen resolution in your Device Independent Pixels. Useful for developers who want to create perfect user interfaces. This application works across various Android devices. - Reacts to orientation changes; - Displays the size of the screen width and height; - Displays the most common screen resolution and aspect rati…

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Download Volume Manager Volume Manager icon
Volume Manager

This simple application allows you to get rid of the need to reconfigure the volume when connecting audio devices. If your Bluetooth device needs one volume, and a wired headset to wired headset (3.5mm) the other, then you need to change the volume level manually. Using this application you more unnecessary to make these permanent. Suffice it once…

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Download CB Barcode ReGen CB Barcode ReGen icon
CB Barcode ReGen

This simple application is designed to generate and read QR codes. To date supports the creation of codes in the format QR. The reader barcode formats supported UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE-39, CODE-128, ITF and QR code. When writing code, you can choose the type of encoded information: - Calendar Event; - Contact Information; - Email Address;…

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Download Convert number systems Convert number systems icon
Convert number systems

A simple program to convert numbers between systems of notation. It will be useful to programmers, students, schools and other educational institutions. - Bvstraya treatment fields; - 4 number systems: binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal.

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Download Save your Travel Save your Travel icon
Save your Travel

Application allows you to make notes and save coordinates on the route of your journey. It is convenient for the organization of small notes in the conduct of the blog or to save the route of your journey. If you do not want to miss anything, or you have trouble remembering where you were, or had seen this application is for you. This is a very…

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