• Bomb





    Defuse a bomb on your Android device. Memorize the colors and cut them in the correct order. Compare your scores with friends and other players online. Bomb is an intense game that requires memory and speed. Your job is to defuse the bomb by cutting the wires in the correct order. Memorize the...

  • Radar





    Trap your friends by simulating a speed radar. Sets the different parameters of the offense (speed, limitation, etc..) And share the radar photo with a personalized message.

  • Hand Clapper

    Hand Clapper




    The best application for all sporting events. Shake your phone, make the most noise and bright flashes. Support your favorite team by pressing Hand Clapper for each goal. Illuminate the stadium with a thousand lights with your LED flash. Customize the colors of the hand and the background, set...

  • Whistle Me

    Whistle Me




    If you lose constantly your phone, this app is for you. whistle continuously and strong to trigger the detection. You can adjust the precision level, ringer, etc. Detection begins when the phone screen is off.

  • Stadium Horn

    Stadium Horn




    Turns your Android into an air horn Record and playback your own sound Intuitive graphical interface Stadium Horn Free is exactly what it states: an air horn for your Android. Along with the traditional blast of sound, the app features the following tones: foghorn, sporting event, and even the...

  • FallDown





    Falldown only has one rule: Keep the ball in the screen. Tilt your phone to control the ball. Gain more points by passing several floors without touching them. Take the maximum of bonuses and try to beat the score of the best players online. There are five types of bonuses to help you through...

  • Moto





    Play with this realistic motorcycle throttle! You simulate motor acceleration and deceleration. Tilt your phone to control acceleration or rotate it as a real moto throttle! go to motorcycle racing with your friends! You can choose between multiple sounds, enable/disable vibration, flash (if you...

  • 7.0





    Simple lighter in your smartphone

  • 5.0





    Simple candle that helps you find everything in the dark

  • Shotgun





    Realistic shot sound Engaging graphics Intuitive interface With Shotgun Free you'll turn your Android smartphone into a pump action shotgun. To work it, simply "pump" your phone back and forth to load the virtual gun, and then simply swing your phone upward to fire.

  • Spray





    Use a spray paint can on your Android device Adjust the spray volume, length, and color Choose a background color Spray Free brings a can of spray paint to your Android device. Shake your device and touch the screen to spray. Adjust the angle, the color of the spray, the cap color, and the...

  • Electric Stun Gun

    Electric Stun Gun




    This app is a one-trick pony, but the trick is fun if you can pull it off. Electric Stun Gun displays a picture of a Stungun-like device on your screen with an on/off switch. When you tap the switch, your Android device flashes and vibrates briefly, simulating an electric shock. Have fun making...

  • Gas Lighter

    Gas Lighter




    Flashlight app resembling a gas lighter Selectable flashlight colors Selectable screen background colors In an Android universe crowded with flashlight apps, Gas Lighter Free provides an element of distinction. The app displays a gas lighter similar to one you might use to light a barbecue or...

  • Siree





    Adjust volume with slider control Pick your background color Wake up! Sometimes somebody (or maybe you) needs a good siren blast to get going. This fun Android app is also good for parties, sporting events, silencing those who talk too much… the possibilities are endless. Whip out this handy...

  • Talking Hairy Ball

    Talking Hairy Ball




    Add a fuzzy friend to your phone Make the Hairy Ball react to your touch Record your voice and replay it Add a fuzzy friend to phone with Talking Hairy Ball. This interactive app will entertain your kids by reacting as they shake or touch it. The Hairy Ball's eyes follow your finger across...

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