Download Equalizer LWP simple Equalizer LWP simple icon

Equalizer LWP simple

This Live WallPaper (LWP) displays an equalizer-like animation. A cus...

Free | 7.4 1.2K

7.4 Users
Download Radar LWP simple Radar LWP simple icon

Radar LWP simple

This Live WallPaper (LWP) displays a simple radar-like animation. A m...

Free | 7.2 656

7.2 Users
Download Diapason simple Diapason simple icon

Diapason simple

"Diapason" is the french word for "tuning fork". T...

Free | 7.6 245

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Download Equalizer 3D LWP simple Equalizer 3D LWP simple icon

Equalizer 3D LWP simple

This Live WallPaper (LWP) displays an equalizer-like 3D animation. A...

Free | 7.4 226

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Download aBINOXoid simple aBINOXoid simple icon

aBINOXoid simple

Imagine you are a secret agent, transforming your Android device in fa...

Free | 5.8 170

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Download C64 ASM LWP simple C64 ASM LWP simple icon

C64 ASM LWP simple

This Live WallPaper displays a Commodore 64 disassembler-like animatio...

Free | 8.6 111

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Download L'île Replica L'île Replica icon

L'île Replica

"L'île Replica" is the french translation of the "R...

Free | 8.4 102

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Download Sjoelen Sjoelen icon


"SJOELEN" is the dutch name of a shufflepuck game variation.

Free | 6 80

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Download Cube Flags LWP simple Cube Flags LWP simple icon

Cube Flags LWP simple

This LiveWallPaper displays a 3D flags cube. The featured flags/count...

Free | 7.4 45

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Download Hearts LWP Hearts LWP icon

Hearts LWP

Are you in love ? This Live WallPaper (LWP) fills your screen with he...

Free | 7.8 76

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