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Rio Hondo Community College

Welcome to the Rio Hondo College App, a lifeline of communication for the Rio Hondo Community College District. The Rio Hondo Community College District encompasses several communities in the southeast section of Los Angeles County. It is a dynamic urban and suburban area which also includes commercial, industrial, educational institutions, and ent…

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Riverside CC

The Riverside Community College Completion Counts app helps students who are looking towards graduation in a two year period. The collaboration is between the college and other community organizations that make it possible. Download the app and see how Riverside Community College can assist you in meeting your goals.

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Download Cuyamaca College Official App Cuyamaca College Official App icon
Cuyamaca College Official App

Since 1978, Cuyamaca College has provided a solid education to students, whether they’re beginning their university degree at Cuyamaca, returning to school to launch a career or to acquire new skills or enrolling in an innovative occupational program. With its vision of “Learning for the Future,” Cuyamaca College offers a wide scope of challenging…

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Download Angela M Davis InsideOut-AMDIO Angela M Davis InsideOut-AMDIO icon
Angela M Davis InsideOut-AMDIO

The AMDIO Method by Angela Manuel Davis promotes lasting CHANGE from the inside out. “I believe that all of the physical changes that we are in search of have a mental, emotional, and spiritual origin. In order to be the highest expression of ourselves, change must come from within. My approach to training equalizes the focus of the physical and t…

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Download West LA College EOP&S West LA College EOP&S icon
West LA College EOP&S

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) is a state funded program. It provides services to enrolled students who are economically and educationally disadvantaged. EOP&S program's primary goal is to encourage the enrollment, retention and transfer of students handicapped by language, social, economic and educational disad…

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Download A2MEND A2MEND icon

A²MEND got its start at the annual professional development conference for new administrators, appropriately titled Administration 101, hosted by the Association of California Community College Administrators. In the summer of 2006, six young (5 of the 6 were under the age of 35), emerging African American male administrators attended the Administr…

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Download AFT Local 1521A AFT Local 1521A icon
AFT Local 1521A

Welcome to the AFT College Staff Guild, Local 1521A Mobile App. The AFT Staff Guild is the exclusive representative of the Clerical/Technical Unit of the Los Angeles Community College District. Our continued effectiveness as representative depends to a large degree upon the participation of our members. You are most cordially invited to interact th…

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Download Next Generation Basketball Next Generation Basketball icon
Next Generation Basketball

Next Generation Basketball San Diego is a youth basketball travel team that emphasizes hard work, loyalty, and development. Lots of people associate development with bad play, hence the “development leagues” where they associate not so skilled players with “bad play.” To us, skill development never ends with any craft mastery, especially basketball…

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Download LAHC Student Success & Support LAHC Student Success & Support icon
LAHC Student Success & Support

Welcome! The Los Angeles Harbor College Student Sucees & Support Program app is the first of its kind designed to allow you to successfully navigate the proceass of Matriculation. Matriculation refers to the formal process of entering an educational institution, or of becoming eligible to enter by acquiring the required prior qualifications. It…

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Download Twist Me Toned Twist Me Toned icon
Twist Me Toned

The Twist Me Toned App is a complete health and fitness program for women. This App works with our three programs tailored to achieve your health and fitness goals. Our program shows you how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle in a realistic world. It works! We used what we learned from our Nutritional Science and Sports Psychology Degrees, in a…

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