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BlackouT Screen Dimmer

This screen brightness dimmer dims the phone or tablet for use in theaters, bedrooms, wherever your phone is too bright. Now has a boot receiver to apply the same dimming on boot. Failsafe: Use the volume keys to raise or lower the brightness while the app is open. Only while the app is on the screen. Failsafe: Set boot receiver to launch the s…

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Download Battery Charge Source Current Battery Charge Source Current icon
Battery Charge Source Current

This very simple app displays what kind of charger you're connected to : Fast Charger, Normal Charger, or USB charger, and how many milliamps are being delivered. This helps me determine which charger in my house is the fastest, and helps me evaluate how good each charger is. Currently it is known working on the Samsung Galaxy S2. It DOES…

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Force Media Scan

This app forces the Android Media Scanner to run. I do this whenever I see duplicates in the music list, or when I manually add and media to the device over USB. It works with the newer phones including 4.0 ICS/Ice Cream Sandwich and 4.1 JB/Jelly bean, and now 4.2. To test the media scanner or to clean out the media cache: Go to settings. Clic…

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Download Duplicate Song Deleter Duplicate Song Deleter icon
Duplicate Song Deleter

Small app I wrote to search for all media with an empty pathname (_DATA) tag in the MediaStore Database, and delete the entry. It does not delete your music files, just the database reference to it. This should help with duplicates. Testing needed. Credit to Bill Sinclair for the idea. See related:…

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Download A Rohn A Day A Rohn A Day icon
A Rohn A Day

This Android App is A Jim Rohn Quote A Day Jim Rohn is a motivational speaker who has changed my life. His quotes stop me in my tracks. Simple and powerful, these words shed brave insight into a scary world. Each day, a new quote is shown. He tends to be understated, so it helps to have time to think about each quote. Jim Rohn was by his own…

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Download A Bro Code Article A Day A Bro Code Article A Day icon
A Bro Code Article A Day

The Bro Code is a list of rules handed down from man to man. No one remembers where or when it started, but it began long before "How I Met Your Mother" took it up and ran with it. This app shows one Bro Code Rule a day for your enjoyment. I hope you like it !

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Download Boost Testosterone One Hundred Boost Testosterone One Hundred icon
Boost Testosterone One Hundred

This application is a must for any man wanting to gain muscle, lose weight, increase sex drive or learn more about testosterone. In simple, easy to understand terms, the author explains how testosterone works in the body, where testosterone comes from, what it does, and how to get more of it. It's simple. It's easy. And it's free.…

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Download Force Media Rescanner Force Media Rescanner icon
Force Media Rescanner

Small app I wrote to delete all music from the MediaStore and force a media rescan. This should help with duplicates. Testing needed. Credit to Bill Sinclair for the idea. See related: Of course now that I've seen this post, now I have to write another app to scan for empty _data ta…

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Download Slush Bitcoin CZ Dashboard Slush Bitcoin CZ Dashboard icon
Slush Bitcoin CZ Dashboard

This is a basic dashboard application (see screenshot) I wrote for a friend of mine. It's intended for use with Slush's BitcoinCZ Mining Website at You must have your API Key in order to use it. I recommend copy and pasting it, because it's easier.. open the webpage and copy the api key and then…

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Download Fade To Black Volume Dimmer Fade To Black Volume Dimmer icon
Fade To Black Volume Dimmer

This app is a life-saver! It fades out your music in the time you specify. It's like a musical hour-glass. It's great for timing a shower, timing your child homework, or listening to music before you go to bed. When I was in school, I used to listen to Delilia on the Radio every night until I would fall asleep. I'd wake up every…

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