• TDS Water Quality Crowdsource




    NEW!: Please enter notes about where you took the reading, what lake, what water tap, what bottle, et.c. NEW!: Consider adding a map with quality data from around the world. Please contribute accurate readings! NEW!: I'm considering adding a map or chart system where you can see the water...

  • ID34


    Allows you to add ideas and search them by hashtag. Ideas are backed up onto a primary server and so no expectation of privacy should be had. Please contact me if you're interested in a version which stores locally only or encrypts ideas. Known issues: When changing phone number, all...

  • My Itch Log


    A tool for dermatologists to articulate patient's skin disorders using a scale. This is not a substitute for doctor's advice. This just logs data. It makes no recommendations what so ever.

  • Statusbar Day of Month




    This morning I woke up disoriented, wondering what day it was... Has this ever happened to you? I wondered why the day of the month wasn't on the status bar of my phone, so I wrote a quick and dirty app to do it. I hope you like it. It does use BOOT notification and runs as a service, so...

  • Force Media Scan




    This app forces the Android Media Scanner to run. I do this whenever I see duplicates in the music list, or when I manually add and media to the device over USB. It works with the newer phones including 4.0 ICS/Ice Cream Sandwich and 4.1 JB/Jelly bean, and now 4.2. To test the media scanner...

  • Slush Bitcoin CZ Dashboard




    This is a basic dashboard application (see screenshot) I wrote for a friend of mine. It's intended for use with Slush's BitcoinCZ Mining Website at You must have your API Key in order to use it. I recommend copy and pasting it, because it's easier.. open...

  • Hard Reboot Locale Plugin


    This program requires Locale, a paid app. It requires root. It executes a reboot when certain Locale conditions are met.

  • Soft Reboot Locale Plugin


    This app requires Locale, a paid app. It attempts to do a soft reboot by restarting zygote. It requires root on your device.

  • Uptime Locale Plugin




    This plugin requires Locale, a paid app! The plugin determines if the amount of time since the device has booted is more than what you set. So for example, if you set 5 minutes for settings you want to apply at boot, such as turning off wifi, after five minutes it will apply the changes. Then,...

  • Flipflop Locale Plugin




    This plugin is for testing conditions in Locale, it literally flip-flops between being on and off (CONDITION_SATISFIED and CONDITION_UNSATISFIED.)

  • On Off Locale Plugin




    The on off locale plugin is used for testing Locale Settings. It can be used to set the plugin on or off, in order to see what would happen in Locale.

  • Sunrise Sunset Locale Plugin


    This Locale Plugin is a condition for sunrise, sunset, astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, civil twilight, sunrise, sunset, astronomical twilight/sunset, nautical twilight/sunset, civil twilight/sunset. You can use this to, say, dim your screen when it gets dark outside. Most people...

  • Color Psychology




    This app shows several of my theories on color psychology. I've been thinking of publishing it for some time. Enjoy!

  • A Kevin Spencer Quote A Day




    This app gives a quote a day from Kevin Spencer, and funny and interesting quotes from his mother, father, and Allen.

  • BlackouT Screen Dimmer




    This screen brightness dimmer dims the phone or tablet for use in theaters, bedrooms, wherever your phone is too bright. Now has a boot receiver to apply the same dimming on boot. Failsafe: Use the volume keys to raise or lower the brightness while the app is open. Only while the app is on the...

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