Download BlackouT Screen Dimmer BlackouT Screen Dimmer icon

BlackouT Screen Dimmer

This screen brightness dimmer dims the phone or tablet for use in thea...

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Download Force Media Scan Force Media Scan icon

Force Media Scan

This app forces the Android Media Scanner to run. I do this whenever...

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Download Duplicate Song Deleter Duplicate Song Deleter icon

Duplicate Song Deleter

Small app I wrote to search for all media with an empty pathname (_DAT...

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Download Near Field NFC Tester Near Field NFC Tester icon

Near Field NFC Tester

This program tests if your device has a Near Field Communications devi...

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Download A Rohn A Day A Rohn A Day icon

A Rohn A Day

This Android App is A Jim Rohn Quote A Day Jim Rohn is a motivational...

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Download Droid Chatter Droid Chatter icon

Droid Chatter

This down and dirty app was programmed one Saturday morning after my s...

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