• Duplicate Song Deleter

    Duplicate Song Deleter




    Small app I wrote to search for all media with an empty pathname (_DATA) tag in the MediaStore Database, and delete the entry. It does not delete your music files, just the database reference to it. This should help with duplicates. Testing needed. Credit to Bill Sinclair for the idea....

  • Periodic Table Elements Flashc

    Periodic Table Elements Flashc




    This basic app provides a basic flashcard for learning the symbols and names of the elements. It is intended for students to learn more about chemistry. Simply press the name or symbol to proceed.

  • Check Random Entropy Available

    Check Random Entropy Available




    This app displays the Random Entropy Available as presented in the kernel. This should be used alongside Seeder or in conjunction with your own performance testing. There is currently some discussion the loading apps requires there to be random numbers available. I got the idea after reading...

  • Concussion Signs and Symptoms

    Concussion Signs and Symptoms




    This apps gives signs and symptoms of concussions. It includes a simple list which indicates which symptoms are serious and require a immediate hospital visit. It may not be a complete list, however, every effort is made to make sure it's complete. I made this app one day after realizing...

  • Battery Charge Source Current

    Battery Charge Source Current




    This very simple app displays what kind of charger you're connected to : Fast Charger, Normal Charger, or USB charger, and how many milliamps are being delivered. This helps me determine which charger in my house is the fastest, and helps me evaluate how good each charger is. Currently it...

  • Estrogen And Plastics

    Estrogen And Plastics




    This app came about as I was doing research for the Plastics Guide app. I learned so much about estrogen, I needed a place to store my notes. So I dumped them in an app. This may be interesting to you out there.

  • Cigar Running Club 32

    Cigar Running Club 32


    The cigar running club is a group dedicated to running (jogging) and smoking cigars. Download the app for more information.

  • Plastic Guide

    Plastic Guide




    This app shows a list of plastic recycling symbols. It has information as to what temperatures are safe, what the plastics are commonly used for, and the estrogenic action effects and estrogenic potential for each category. I have wanted to do this app for a long time. When I was doing...

  • Force System GC

    Force System GC




    This quick and dirty app forces the system to run a garbage collection run. It is useful for testing low memory scenarios with an app. I was developing an app, and a GC was causing my service to restart. Because it was a constantly-on service, a user noticed and alerted me.

  • Media Codec List

    Media Codec List




    Quick and dirty app I wrote to determine what codecs are on phones to assist in a video app project.

  • Learn To Run

    Learn To Run




    This app is a must-have for anyone wanting to begin running or wanting to become a better runner. It has tips, tricks and advice from seasoned runners that I only wish I had when I started out!

  • Zombie Pixels Live Wallpaper

    Zombie Pixels Live Wallpaper


    A fun zombie infection simulation live wallpaper, right on your phone. Zombies are red, and they chase army guys in green, and civilians in white. Zombies can infect army guys and civilians. Civilians can kill zombies sometimes, and army guys can kill zombies more often. As the commander, you...

  • Fast Soft Reboot

    Fast Soft Reboot




    ***Updated to restart zygote, which works better on Android 4.0 devices.*** Please email bug reports to me, so I can fix them. Is your Android Phone Slow? In need of a reboot? I have an Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Dual core CPU, 1 GB of ram, and I noticed one day it getting slow. I logged...

  • Force Media Rescanner

    Force Media Rescanner




    Small app I wrote to delete all music from the MediaStore and force a media rescan. This should help with duplicates. Testing needed. Credit to Bill Sinclair for the idea. See related: Of course now that I've seen this post, now I...

  • Media Dumper - Audio

    Media Dumper - Audio




    This app is to help troubleshoot the issue of having multiple duplicate songs in Android, but some of them will not play. It dumps the Media Filenames to the TextView. It's for use troubleshooting the duplicate media issue.

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