• Mount Dump




    This is quick utility app to dump the mounted volumes in the shell and display it on the screen. It can email the details, or copy it to the clipboard. It was created in response to a user request.

  • I miss you




    This app turns your phone into a dog, which misses you when you're away. This app idea came to me one day when I realized how much we treat our phones like people. (Called Personification, Anthropomorphism... et.c.) Anyhow, I got the idea that when your away from your phone for a while, it...

  • Spit Tracker




    Ok, so the story goes, I was out running and I came across an old abandoned well. Fascinated, I attempted to spit in it, to determine how deep it was. I counted the seconds, and then tried to remember the equations for a falling body. It is distance equals one half of the gravitational...

  • Fade To Black Volume Dimmer




    This app is a life-saver! It fades out your music in the time you specify. It's like a musical hour-glass. It's great for timing a shower, timing your child homework, or listening to music before you go to bed. When I was in school, I used to listen to Delilia on the Radio every...

  • Near Field NFC Tester




    This program tests if your device has a Near Field Communications device present. It also tells you if that device is enabled, a feature no other NFC tester app on the market has! I bought a ton of NFC tags to test the apps I am writing. I'm really appreciate it if you guys bought one....

  • A Rohn A Day




    This Android App is A Jim Rohn Quote A Day Jim Rohn is a motivational speaker who has changed my life. His quotes stop me in my tracks. Simple and powerful, these words shed brave insight into a scary world. Each day, a new quote is shown. He tends to be understated, so it helps to have time...

  • Fiscal Week Statusbar




    This app shows the fiscal week in the status bar so you'll always know what week it is. Often times I'm in a meeting, and someone says a product or program is due in fiscal week 27 and that leaves me scrambling to determine which week it is and how much time I have left! Never again!...

  • A John Earl Shoaff Quote A Day




    "The Millionaire Maker." John Earl Shoaff was an American businessman most famous for being the teacher of Jim Rohn. He is one of the first most visible teachers of the laws of attraction and "The Secret". His quotes are very well loved by Jim Rohn fans. He explained...

  • A Bro Code Article A Day




    The Bro Code is a list of rules handed down from man to man. No one remembers where or when it started, but it began long before "How I Met Your Mother" took it up and ran with it. This app shows one Bro Code Rule a day for your enjoyment. I hope you like it !

  • Off-Label Drug Side Effects




    This application lets you see off-label drug side effects and adverse reactions. These are side effects not listed on the FDA required product label. Search simply and view results easily with the most common appearing first in the list. Stanford recently did a statistical analysis of the FDA...

  • Boost Testosterone One Hundred




    This application is a must for any man wanting to gain muscle, lose weight, increase sex drive or learn more about testosterone. In simple, easy to understand terms, the author explains how testosterone works in the body, where testosterone comes from, what it does, and how to get more of it....

  • A Chick Code Article A Day




    What is with the Bro Code anyway? Why don't women have a funny code of their own to live by? Well, they do. The Chick Code is a large and complete compendium of female socio-interactions. And now it can fit on your phone! This app shows one article a day from the code.

  • Build Muscle 100




    Want to know more about building muscle? How building muscle works? Simple advice. No expensive powders or fitness instructors to buy or pay for? This app is for you! In simple terms, the author explains how to build muscle. Simple, easy, fast.

  • Plug And Play Music


    Make your Android device truly plug and play! Plug and play music! When you plug in your headphones, this app makes your music player open up. You can choose to unlock the screen automatically You can choose to start playing automatically You can choose to skip to next song automatically You...

  • Noisy Cricket




    Annoy your friends with this awesome app. At random times, the cricket chirps once to more than once. Speed/pitch are random. I hope you like it! PS: It gets annoying.

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