Protech logics

  • Hen Egg Screenlock




    Getting bored from conventional screen locks try Hen lock. It is a unique screen lock to unlock the device. Concept is different from all other screen locks. User will definitely feel different after installing this application. Touching the hen will let her lay an egg which eventually falls....

  • Smoke Screen lock




    Smoke Screen Lock is designed for all those people who love to smoke and want to use smoke effects in their phone. The Smoke Screen Lock has an attractive screen with the zippo lighter flames, cigarette and smoke effects. You can use it to make your screen look different from other traditional...

  • Basketball Screenlock




    Basketball Screen lock is an amazing pattern lock which enhances the security of the phone with the combination of ball scored in basket. User will set the unlocking pattern to unlock the screen.Pattern once set will be used every time to unlock the screen. Whenever user presses the power button,...

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