PRUSOV digital

  • 1-Click Flashlight Pro




    One click on, one click off, tiny file size. It's a PRO edition: without useless functions and internet access. Autostart after screen OFF/ON, accident battery discharge prevention (auto OFF after 7 minute lighting) This is a widget. After the download you won't see it in the launcher....

  • Timer Widget Pro




    Simple and fast timer widget. Only 1 click for managing from your homescreen. Very low battery usage. Without any special permissions. With seconds. Maximum 99 hours. ATTENTION: This is a timer WIDGET. After the download you won't see it in the launcher. How to add widget on your home...

  • SmartFoodTracker - Food Logger




    Don't waste your time tracking calories, it doesn't work. Try modern method of keeping food balance: use smart graph. Imagine, for a moment that you could determine the food you need. It's very simple and efficient: there're five main food groups and they're always in front...

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