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Download BMI Calculator - Weight Loss BMI Calculator - Weight Loss icon
BMI Calculator - Weight Loss

Very intuitive BMI calculator. This BMI calculator allows you to quickly calculate the ratio of body mass index - BMI. Result is calculated according to general reading table created by World Health Organization (WHO). The BMI is meant to be used as a simple means of classifying physically inactive individuals with an average body composition. BMI…

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Download Mood Scanner Simulator Mood Scanner Simulator icon
Mood Scanner Simulator

Mood Scanner is an entertaining application which uses your mobile phone and its touch screen to detect your mood. Place your thumb on the mood detector and discover what is your mood today! Mood Scanner needs few seconds to scan your finger and analyze your result. Don't wait and start playing with your friends. Check, who is in a better mo…

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Download Meal Reminder - Weight Loss Meal Reminder - Weight Loss icon
Meal Reminder - Weight Loss

Eat healthy, eat regularly, eat 5 meals a day. Run metabolism and lose weight. Meal Reminder is a simple application helping you to keep eating regularly. Remember that eating 5 meals a day (with around 3 hours intervals) has many advantages: • Accelerates your body fat burning, which causes weight loss or helps to maintain your weight • Helps yo…

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Download Fingerprint Love TestVIP Prank Fingerprint Love TestVIP Prank icon
Fingerprint Love TestVIP Prank

Fingerprint Love Test VIP is a deluxe version of Love Calculator. It checks how well two people match together. The result is calculated basing on persons' name and their fingerprints. Test is performed using improved numerical method. Don't wait and check, if he/she is your big love !!! Keep in mind that this is just a prank app. Don'…

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Download Reflex Test - Reactor Game Reflex Test - Reactor Game icon
Reflex Test - Reactor Game

Reflex Test - Reactor Game (also called Finger Tap Reflex) is an addictive and exciting game for 2 players. Check how fast you are and what is your reflex limit. Play Reflex Test - Reactor Game (Finger Tap Reflex) with your friends and show them your dexterity. Reflex Test - Reactor Game (Finger Tap Reflex) needs friend nearby and nothing more. It…

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Download Tip Calculator Tip Calculator icon
Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator helps you calculate tip amount and split the bill between you and your friends. Tip Calculator is well designed and very easy to use. This Tip Calculator is a very quick financial calculator and one of the most useful applications in finance category. How many times you needed such a tool to quickly calculate a tip and split a bil…

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Download Math Madness - Math Quiz Math Madness - Math Quiz icon
Math Madness - Math Quiz

Math Madness in an addictive math quiz where time is your main opponent. Math Madness contains 4 levels plus 1 extra which is hidden until ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION are unlocked. How to play? - select operator - answer correctly in less than one second - reach high scores for all operators - become EXPERT and beat your fr…

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