• Float Clock

    Float Clock




    This is Clock application displayed as it has floated on other applications by overlay. When start application, please slide a screen top and adjust the position of a battery display. A position can also be numerically specified by "Input position" of Menu. Size can be specified...

  • Float Battery

    Float Battery




    This is Battery residual quantity numerical value application displayed as it has floated on other applications by overlay. Number mode, Frame mode, Arc mode, and Image mode can be used properly. In Number mode, the numerical value of battery residual quantity can be stationed permanently at a...

  • Dynamic Drawer

    Dynamic Drawer




    This is dynamic drawer which indicates the icon of all the applications by list into a screen. While pushing the icon, the details of the target application are displayed. If a finger is lifted, the application will start. Please perform "Reload" of menu to update list after...

  • ロト&ナンバーズゲーム





    ロトやナンバーズを購入する際に、数字選びで悩んでいる時に役立つアプリです。 自分の好きな数字を狙って選ぶ事もできますが、そこにタイミングも絡んでくるので自分の運試しにもなります。 ゲーム感覚で数字を選ぶ事ができるので、クイックピックと違って自分で選んだ満足感が得られます。 さあ、あなたもこのアプリを使って高額当選にチャレンジ! ・ロト6 ・ロト7 ・ミニロト ・ナンバーズ3 ・ナンバーズ4...

  • Float Timeline

    Float Timeline




    This is an application displayed as the time line of Twitter is always floated on the screen by overlay. If an application is started, please input from a menu the search condition of the time line acquired from Twitter in a "Input query" After adjusting the size and the position of...

  • Reckless Rocket

    Reckless Rocket




    Let's manipulate the rocket by using the brightness sensor. Rocket that loses control and drives recklessly. Adjusting the speed of the rocket by using the brightness sensor : what you can do. The rocket quickens when it lightens it late when the sensor is covered with the finger and...

  • PictDiary





    This is a picture diary which indicates by list in calendar form. On a calendar screen, the date is chosen and a diary can be edited by "Edit diary" from a menu. A diary can be perused if the tap of the date chosen is carried out. By "Calendar setting" from a menu, you can...

  • EffectCamera(Free)





    This is a camera that can display the preview screen where various effects were given. The preview screen can be expanded, and possible to preserve it as it is as a photograph. -Monochrome -Oil painting -CG -Realistic comic -Animated cartoon -Sketch -Outline -Torch -Flash -Sunlight -Noise The...

  • EasyDrive





    This is a drive game of a good old-fashioned type. The steering wheel is turned in the direction where the screen is inclined. The speed goes up gradually automatically, there are neither an accelerator nor a brake. When it goes off the road or it knocks against the rock, energy decreases, and...

  • CircleMap





    This is an application program that draws on GoogleMap in a concentric circle from the reference point and a straight line distance to a screen center point. When the measure mode, you can measure the distance in which you trace on the screen drawn with a single stroke. (The distance is...

  • Float Calculator (Free)

    Float Calculator (Free)




    This is a calculator displayed to be floating in other application programs. You can calculate while seeing the screen of other application programs when a browser is opened and when it becomes it wanting the calculation while the application program is executed. The notification for the...

  • MindMemo(Free)





    This is a memo application program to be able to arrange the character string on the screen by the free-style. ・The character string is single-mindedly arranged and it will itemize it. ・The item that records the character string is classified into the group and it arranges it. ・To the mind map...

  • Frame Clock

    Frame Clock




    Even if you are performing the application by the full screen, this application show clock which time understands. Hour and minute are displayed on the frame portion of a screen on the position of the needle of an analog clock with a bar. You can set *Hour size and color *Minute size and...

  • Float Memo(Free)

    Float Memo(Free)




    This is an application to create floating memo. The character memo and the image memo can be made. * Want to make the reply mail while seeing the content of the receive mail. * Want to be able to come into sight at any time the business that can never be forgotten. * Want always to see the...

  • CopyPasteHelper





    This is an application which helps copy & paste. The range of a character string is chosen by neither the tap nor long aggressiveness. While the model without a keyboard is increasing, isn't it hard to give a copy to a clipboard? Please choose the wide range (or whole) containing the...

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