• SQLite Installer for Root




    This applications only purpose is to install the sqlite3 binary application into your /system/xbin . Many phones no longer have it stock. Out of frustration I grabbed it from the emulator. You need to have a rooted phone. I have tested this only on a droid bionic. If you have problems, please...

  • Fade Live Donation




    Liked the free version? Want to show some appreciation. Purchasing this app will keep the application on your android market profile for as long as I can possibly see. Same features as the free version for now. Don't forget to rate!

  • Fade Live




    A live wallpaper that gives you the ability to control your background using live wallpapers to fade between colors. You have control of the time, strength, colors, and gradients. If you like the application and would like to show your thanks, look up Fade Live Donation. Set the minimum price...

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