• Nursery Rhymes For Kids




    High quality nursery rhymes in full HD for children. These rhymes have great music and fantastic animation that will be a source of fun and enjoyment for your little one. Watch them sing along the music and dance with the dancing animals and other crazy characters in the nursery rhymes. All...

  • Astrobix Rahukaal (Rahukalam)




    Rahukal or Rahukalam is a stretch of around 1.5 hours every day that is judged unlucky for any auspicious or positive work according to Indian Vedic Astrology. According to Vedic astrology, if a task is performed during the Rahukaal, it will not yield the proper fruit. Rahukal is calculated on...

  • Astrobix Daily Fortune




    Astrobix Daily Fortune is your personal vedic astrologer in your pocket. This innovative software tells you how your fortune/luck is at any given moment. Just run it, and it will calculate your Kundali (vedic horoscope), the Panchang for the present location, check your dasha (planetary...

  • Two Minute English




    Improve your spoken English rapidly with the help of hundreds of quick video English lessons from This app brings you all the lessons from Two Minute English to your mobile so that you can view them anytime anywhere. New lessons are added daily, so you will never run out of...

  • Daily Numerology Predictions




    Want to know how today is going to be for you according to Numerology? This app will analyze your date of birth, and today's date to give you a review of how the day will be for you. It will tell you what opportunities to capitalize on and things to avoid. This app will give you the insights...

  • Nishamadhulika Recipes




    Important: This app is in Hindi is the leading recipe website for Indian vegetarian recipes. We have over 700 Hindi recipes, videos and a thriving forum where people talk about Indian recipes. This is the official Nishamadhulika Recipes app for Android devices. You can view...

  • Alphabet Astrology




    Your name is given to you at birth and stays with you for your entire lifetime. You belong to your name just as much, as your name belongs to you, and your life is shaped by the vibrations and the resonance locked inside your name. This fun app will give you an astrological analysis of your...

  • Fruit Astrology




    Everything you do, all your preferences say a lot about who you are. In this little fun app find out what your favourite fruit has to say about you and your personality. Have fun with this app yourself or discover what your 'fruity friends' are really like. This app has been created by...

  • Daily Vedic Horoscope




    Astrobix Daily Vedic Horoscope gives you your daily horoscope according to the Moonsign. Also called 'Rashifal', the daily Vedic Horoscope is based on the transit of the Moon, and not on the Sun as in Western astrology or in most apps available in the market. The traditional Indian...

  • Sunsign Love Match




    Ever wondered how compatible you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend? With Sunsign Love Match you can find out where you stand through astrological analysis of your Sunsigns. Just click on a couple of buttons and find out what your Sunsigns reveal about your relationship. Will you rock...

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