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  • iFarted (flatulence )




    This beautiful little fart application makes sounds like no other. And if its symphony of flatulence gets you inspired you can even record your own farts. There is even a timer that allows you to lay a time bomb for others. iFarted completely “blows” away Pull My finger and iFart. NEW: set...

  • SoundBox




    Soundbox is the most entertaining and fun application on the android market for people of all ages. Children, teenagers and adults will never stop laughing as they explore the sounds in this program. We spent hours coming up with the funniest and most annoying sound effects we could for this...

  • LaughBox




    This hilarious, rip roaring nonstop box of laughs will provide endless hours of entertainment for people of all ages. It has funny laughs, scary laughs, goofy laughs, absurd laughs, creepy laughs and straight out hilarious laughs that will always bring a smile to your face. LaughBox is the...

  • FarmFun




    FarmFun is full of delightful barnyard fun. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy listening to the farm animal sounds produced by this educational application. Simply press the picture icon for each animal and hear what it sounds like or press on the barn for a random surprise. NEW!! Set...

  • DroiDrive Android backup




    DroiDrive allows you to browse the full file structure of your Android device and delete or email any files that you have permission to access. Youcan also backup files from Android to our secured servers or pull files down from our servers to your phone. And with our secure website you can...

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