• Historical Rome and Sparta




    Everyone loves knowing about rome, sparta and the ancient greeks. But there seems to be no collection of short information explaining the various aspects of their society - well, till now! This app is the flipbook you need that guides you through the spartan warriors, the roman gladiators and...

  • How To Make Your Boss Like You




    Do you sometimes get that feeling of dread when your boss is around in the office? Do you feel you could get fired anytime? Do you feel like your boss hates you? There are EASY tricks and manipulations you can use, and within a week or two the man will love you. Imagine being that person that...

  • Common Illnesses & Diagnosis




    Are your symptoms getting the better of you and you just can't pinpoint what illness this could be? This app has a list of the most common illnesses and their diagnosis. Plus, helpful tips on how to help yourself get better! Be your own physician now!

  • How to get twitter followers




    Having thousands of followers on twitter is not just an ego boost, but it can also make your cold hard cash. People with twitter reach are sought after as brand marketers because they can reach many people with single tweets. But most of us are stuck at a few hundred followers (some don't...

  • Sleep Hacks




    Sleep is the state in which we spend half of our day. We NEED to sleep, and the quality of your sleep can affect all aspects of your life. Sleeping well will make you a happier and more successful person. This app teaches you tricks and hacks you can use to sleep LESS, yet feel MORE awake and...

  • Logic Puzzles




    Logic Brain Puzzles! You think you're smart? This app contains the puzzles that are suprisingly easy once you know the answer, but difficult to figure out. They are all based on logic, so if you're good with logical thought, you'll find these puzzles easy to do. Entertain yourself...

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