• MineNews - Free




    Get the latest updates about Minecraft before anyone else does! Don't forget to check out the full version that comes with loads of new features, texture packs, and so much more! Includes HD wallpapers, backgrounds, updates, and much more! Pugexa is in no way affiliated with Mojang, this...

  • Runescape All-in-One




    Please note that we are not affiliated in Runescape in any way. Runescape all-in-one android app is an easy way to keep up to date with updates, and if Runescape's servers ever go down. This app has updates from their Twitter, Facebook, and their website, all in one easy, convenient place....

  • What's my Android Version?




    This app will easily display your Device's Model, Manufacturer(Device), Android Version, SDK, and much more! I am working on adding more information eventually, making an all-in-one "diagnostics/info" app, which will check if you are rooted, show your storage space left, etc.

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