Puneet Aggarwal

  • Delhi Metro




    Features : * Fare Calculator * Time estimation between source and destination * Graphical Route Map * Color coded stations * Interchange station highlight

  • Match Letters




    Hold and drag the correct alphabets to complete the words in Letter Matching. This matching game provides a fun and easy way to learn alphabets. When alphabet matches the correct picture, it plays the respective sound like A for Apple, B for Ball etc. Now your child can match alphabet with its...

  • Trace Letters




    Teach your kids to trace alphabets in capital and small, numbers and shapes. - You can choose different color for tracing. - You can play pronunciation of the alphabets.

  • Wifi Scheduler




    Wi-Fi Scheduler lets you to schedule turn on and off timing for your devices Wi-Fi quickly and easily. It save your battery life by turn off Wi-Fi automatically at scheduled time.

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