Purdue University

  • Open Passport

    Open Passport


    Open Passport, a companion to OpenPassport.org at Purdue University, enables completion of badge challenges. Using Open Passport you are able to see available badges, track progress towards completing badges, and submit your work. Open Passport enables you to quickly create and upload various...

  • Mixable at Purdue

    Mixable at Purdue




    Mixable connects you to classmates, enables classroom discussions, and helps create online study groups.

  • Hotseat at Purdue

    Hotseat at Purdue




    Text. Chat. Vote. Hotseat uses student comments and familiar tech to boost classroom discussions. Suddenly every student has something to say in class, not just the same few.

  • Soundscape Recorder

    Soundscape Recorder




    Soundscape ecology is a new field of research that investigates how sound in the environment can be used to assess ecosystem health and human connection to nature and the environment in general. -Contribute to the recordings collected on Earth Day 2014: April 22. -Answer questions related to...

  • Purdue University Campus Tour

    Purdue University Campus Tour




    Learn more about this vast laboratory for learning and discovery with five self-guided tour options — North Campus, South Campus, Athletics, Student Life, and Colleges and Schools (coming soon). Also, the “Visiting Purdue” category provides answers to some common visitor questions. Visitors have...

  • Jetpack Reader

    Jetpack Reader




    Learning should be interactive and available anywhere. With Jetpack, instructors can combine text, internet links, video, and audio into a comprehensive mobile learning package.

  • evGrandPrix



    Every year Purdue University, West Lafayette, hosts the evGrandPrix race. The Purdue evGrandPrix is more than just a race --it represents the opportunity to change a generation. The purpose of this event is to accelerate innovation through education. Using electric powered go-karts, it inspired...

  • BoilerGuide





    BoilerGuide provides information about academic programs, sessions, and resources around Purdue University’s campus. Through map and calendar features, students can pinpoint where the sessions are occurring and add them to their personal calendar.

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