• Purina® Feeding Guide




    The Purina® Feeding Guide is a tool that helps you easily create individualized feeding plans for growth, weight maintenance, or weight loss for dogs and cats. In a few simple steps, you can generate customized diet plans for your patients, and instantly share them with your clients via email....

  • Friskies® Call Your Cat




    Who says cats don’t come when called? With the Friskies® Call Your Cat app, ears will perk and curiosity will be piqued when your cat hears some his favourite sounds — like a bag of FRISKIES kibbles being opened, birds chirping and more. Simply choose a sound, tap the screen and find out which...

  • Pro Plan P5 Dog Training App




    P5 dog training app from Purina Pro Plan is the perfect tool to help you train your puppy or dog. We’ve loaded the P5 app with video training tutorials and our patented dog activity tracking software to help you set goals, learn training skills and track your dog's activity and progress...

  • GI Diagnostic




    GI Diagnostic from Purina Veterinary Diets® This free app from Nestle Purina® helps veterinarians diagnose and treat GI problems with cats and dogs. This tool uses GI algorithms to help localize the problem, taking into consideration history, physical exam, and test results. Trace normal and...

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