PurpleTalk Inc.

  • ScriptHub℠




    ScriptHub℠ is a mobile phone application that helps you to better understand the medicines ordered by your doctor and any other medicines that you or your family members are taking. It gives you tools to help you stay on track with your medicine plan. You can enter or scan your medicines into...

  • QR Barcode Reader




    This app scans the barcodes and QR codes which can help you to track the information. It is fast and simple. Intuitive user interface. Share the scanned information with your friends on Facebook using the share option in the app. Save the scanned details in the app for a quick lookup when...

  • Device Unlock History




    "When was your phone last unlocked for use?" "Is your phone being accessed by some one without your knowledge?" This simple widget lets you browse your last three screen unlock times for both phone & tablet. (Currently, you can track up to 3 previous unlocks) Powered by...

  • Caller History




    "Caller History" is a simple app, which shows a pop-up during an incoming call showing interaction history between the smartphone owner and the caller. The highlight of the app is its data rich pop-up showing previous call time, date, duration and type! The app has limited...

  • SocialWorkout


    Social workout app is a simple walking, running & biking detection application, which automatically alerts, counts & displays counters of social users, when an app user begins a workout activity. It is a simple attempt to promote working out in this highly connected social world. The...

  • CommuniCan




    Have you had trouble speaking to a person whose native language is not the same as yours? How easy would it be to be able to send text messages to a friend without changing keyboard languages? This app lets you understand the context of the message without having to understand the language it...

  • Expo2020 Voting App




    Download our Expo 2020 voting app and show your support for your city to win the World Expo 2020 bid! Hosting the World Expo will be a proud moment for your city. Our Expo 2020 vote app helps you to show support to your city and vote by using your Facebook credentials. Our exclusive Expo 2020...

  • Classic Tiles




    A very challenging puzzle game that allows you to progress with your skills. Slide and shuffle grids to figure out the original look of jumbled up pictures. 

Hit the hint button to see what the original looks like, go back to beat time and the head breaking challenge. It is fun all the way!...

  • Call Blocker




    Call You Back Pro helps you to ignore the incoming calls and to send SMS to the caller. In situations like watching a movie, a sudden meeting, driving on the road, etc, you would be busy. Its not possible to receive that call. Then this application will help you ignore that call & send a...

  • iSanta 2011




    Do you want to play Santa this Christmas and go riding on the sleigh dropping gifts through the Chimney? Be warned that the task isn’t easy; you’ll be riding over rough terrain on a freezing night, and in heavy snowfall! Once you are all settled in the sleigh you will be given a map with a host...

  • Clique




    CLIQUE is your on-the-go Twitter client for quick access to multiple lists, multiple accounts and easy-to-organize Cliques of your own creation. Create a Clique from a Twitter List, Search Terms, Mentions, Direct Tweets, and Favorites. Easily switch between Cliques to tailor your browsing as you...

  • Word Search




    We know that you are a vocabulary wizard so in this simple game, we won't ask you about words or their meanings. 

Word Search is here to test your concentration level and your eyesight. This is a simple searching game where you've to find out hidden words from the clustered letters....

  • Fire Drop Deluxe




    Attaining wisdom just got more exciting. Fire Drop Deluxe is here! It’s the same fun game as the original Fire Drop where you tap on 3 or more adjacent cauldrons of the same color to destroy them. But there’s plenty that’s new: More colors throw up new challenges, and you need faster fingers and...

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