• Altitude




    Altitude is the most accurate altimeter for android. It also shows current, average and maximun speed, distance, time, direction of movement, physical address where you are, maximum and minimum height of your route and you can save them to see them whenever you want. You can view your routes in...

  • The Fastest




    The Fastest is an application that consists of a worldwide competition to see who is fastest in any kind of transport: car, motorbike, train, plane ... Show that you can be the fastest in your country, and why not, in the world! If you drive a car or motorcycle on a racetrack The Fastest allows...

  • Ocados




    Ocados is the new multiplayer game of Goose for Android in real time. Invite your friends and challenge them to see who is the best. You can play against your friends or against random opponents. Check online rankings and unlock achievements for being the best player Ocados. Your statistics are...

  • Asteroid Inferno




    Asteroid Inferno is a survival game where you pilot a spaceship and have to survive as long as possible in an asteroid belt! Test your skill and coolness with this addictive game! The simplicity and flashiness of Asteroid Inferno make it a very addictive game. You compete against the rest of the...

  • Chistedroid




    Chistedroid es sin duda la mejor colección de chistes en Español. Los mejores chistes clasificados en categorías, para que no pares de reir: Machistas, Feministas, Chuck Norris , de Lepe, se abre el telón ..., de idiomas, de medicos. Si quieres ser el alma de la fiesta y de las bromas, o...

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