• Track My Droid




    Track My Droid is an easy tool to track your android device. Use this tool when your device is in silent mode and misplaced nearby. This application also helps you in retrieving the current location of the device from any other mobile. It even helps you to send your current location quickly to...

  • LetterPillar




    Letterpillar gets its name from the baby and mama caterpillar in the main page of the application. The mama caterpillar has several alphabets jumbled all over her body. The baby caterpillar shown below guesses a word for you to pick up from the jumbled letters. The guessed item is shown as and...

  • Share Circle




    ShareCircle is a powerful tool for sending group of contacts via E-Mail or Text Message. Contacts can be shared by creating groups on the fly or by selecting individual contacts from the list. The user can share the selected contacts either in Vcard format or as Plain Text messages. ShareCircle...

  • Kiddies




    Its learning time!!!. This app improves your child's intuitiveness by helping them to correlate objects to their spelling. It lists some of the common things that we see around. They are categorised in to Flowers, Fruits, Animals, Vehicles and Birds. An airplane will drop 3 images with a...

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