• Darkville: Vampires

    Darkville: Vampires




    On your way home one night someone grabs you from behind and sinks his teeth into your neck. Utterly helpless and unable to fight back, you let the velvet darkness embrace you... Your previous life matters to you no more. You are now one of them, a night hunter, a vampire. You must fulfil your...

  • Dragon Tale: Fantasy

    Dragon Tale: Fantasy




    Welcome to the world of Dragon Tale. A tale of dangerous adventures and true friendship, brave heroes and evil villains, and... dragons! Unspoken love, despicable betrayal and spellbinding wizardry await you. Are you ready for an epic adventure? Here’s what you get: ★20 chapters ★More than...

  • qeep Games Pack

    qeep Games Pack




    A must-have for all gamers! All-time classics and new exclusive blockbusters in one fantastic collection: Tic Tac Toe, Crazy Eights, Darkville, Area 8, Battleships, and many more! All games can also be played online. Take on players from all over the world and meet new people. Get it on! Whether...

  • qeep - Chat, Flirt, Friends

    qeep - Chat, Flirt, Friends




    **** Top 5 on Appia **** Get qeep now to meet people, chat, make new friends, flirt or even find your next date! Click through profiles and photos, and chat with people from all over the world - or just next door. With more than 24 million users, maximum fun is guaranteed! ★ Meet New People New...

  • Area 8: Survivors

    Area 8: Survivors




    Someone is dragging you around as if you were dead, only to leave you lying face down in the dirt. Someone else is trying to take your shoes off. You manage to reach and grab a rock when no-one is looking. With your last ounce of strength, you knock them both down and collapse with exhaustion......

  • Tic Tac Toe - Free Live Game!

    Tic Tac Toe - Free Live Game!




    Tic Tac Toe goes online! Join in and challenge the world in this high quality game. This fast, free multiplayer app brings you millions of players from every corner of the globe, all ready to prove they're the master of this classic game online. Whether you call it Tic Tac Toe, Noughts and...

  • Crazy Eights Free Card Game

    Crazy Eights Free Card Game




    Your favourite classic card game, Crazy Eights, just got even better. In this fast, free multiplayer app, you get to take on the planet: millions of worldwide rivals at every skill level are waiting to play with you right now. Crazy 8s is easy to pick up and massive fun to play. All you have to...

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