Qi Chen

  • Eat Pepper & Shoot Fire Ball


    This is a simple fun action game about stickman. It’s winter now. It’s so cold, so the stickman wants to eat some peppers to keep warm. And then, he finds out that he can shoot fire balls after he eats peppers. That’s really awesome. Some snowballs are chasing the stickman. Now he can use the...

  • Collect Colorful Drip With Cup


    This game is a fun simple action game about collecting raindrops. It’s raining. A lot of colorful raindrops are falling down from sky. There are blue water drops, green water drops, and yellow water drops. We want to collect them. And we have some beautiful colorful glasses to collect raindrops....

  • Accurate Slide:Drag Paper Tape


    This game is a simple fun action game. Drag different kinds of paper tapes. That’s it! Just that simple. There are different kinds of beautiful pictures that are drawn on paper tapes, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, flower, apple, duck, bird, pig, cat, etc. Tap and Drag scrip to certain...

  • Brave Stickman: Rain Of Barrel




    This is a great fun action game about jumping and running stickman. The stickman think he is drunk. Because he see barrels are falling down from sky, raindrop of barrels. Barrels is full of wine or beer. Stickman don’t want to be hit by the barrels, so he keeps jumping and running. After the...

  • Artillery Shoot Air Plane Free




    This game is an awesome plane shooting game. This is war in stickman’s doodle world. We must defense ourselves. Enemy is attacking. They are flying in the sky. Our plane is fighting with the enemy’s fighters. Luckily, we find an old cannon. Although it is old day’s technique, we can still use...

  • A Busy Day: Deliver Package


    This game is a simple fun action game about postal service. In a beautiful town, you will drive a mail truck to deliver tons of packages to each house. This is a great fun job. However, it really need some high skill. The packages need to be sent right into the building in order to be accepted....

  • Apple and Banana Defense Free


    This game is a an action game about fruit shooting. Apples and bananas are falling down from sky in the farm. It’s a fruit rain. Apple and banana are delicious fruits to eat. Player will control two trees. One tree can shoot apples, and the other tree can shoot banana. Trees shoot food as...

  • Survivor Shoot Endless Zombie




    This game is a fun zombie shooting action game. A dangerous virus is leak from a lab after a biology test. The virus can infect human through air, water, blood, and etc. All scientists develop this virus are infected, so we have little knowledge about it. It can change human into undead monster....

  • Aim And Shoot Balloon With Bow




    This is a simple fun action game about shooting balloons. There are many balloons flying in the sky. They have many colors, red, blue, green, etc. They will rise from the bottom of screen to the top of screen. Use the bow to aim and shoot all the balloons in the sky. Arrows will come out from...

  • Climb Up High - Happy Stickman




    Keep climbing up. Survive as long as possible. Join the brave stickman to explore the amazing doodle world. Feature: * Simple and Fun Gameplay * Brave stickman * It’s FREE!!!

  • Baseball Tap - Catch All Balls


    Baseball is fun! And now, you can play it on your phone! This is a fun baseball sport game. Use the baseball glove to catch all the balls flying around. Survive as long as possible. Have fun!

  • Amazing stickman ninja jump


    A brave ninja stickman is climbing up to the sky. It is not a easy task. it needs to jump in the right direction and jump fast. Feature: Addictive gameplay brave stickman simple control game center support it is FREE

  • I Am Hungry - Feed Big Monster


    The little green monster is hungry. Let’s feed it with stars and clocks. This is a simple fun action game. Come and explore the world of little green monster. Have fun!

  • A long way stickman jump & run


    A stickman is running on the road. Help the stickman avoid crash into walls. Jump and run. Just that simple. Have fun!

  • Number Quiz Clever Brain Train


    Explore the world of numbers. Have fun and learn math. Highlights: * Addictive gameplay * fun math puzzle * 20+ levels and more levels coming soon * play and learn * Well-designed graphics and sounds * It’s FREE!!!

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