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Wizard Cards Live

Wizard is a card game similar to Oh Hell or Contract Whist. This app is a free to play implementation of the game with a single player version against the computer and a live version against other players online. This app is approved by Ken Fisher of Wizard Cards International subject to written agreement.

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Tarot Whist

Like Tarot? Like Whist? You'll love Tarot Whist!. A free to play card game against AI opponents using the Rider-Waite tarot deck. The game is a close variation on Contract Whist, Oh Hell, Oh Pshaw, Nomination Whist, Up the River, Up and down the River, Vanishing Whist, Hell Yeah!, Get Fred, Gary's Game, Diminishing Bridge, Blackout, German…

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Alternating Torch

This application alternates the colour of your screen every half second or so (you can specify how often). You can alter the cycle time and brightness range to suit your needs.

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Read My Tea Leaves

An application to read your tea leaves. Cut down on those sometimes extortionate fortune telling bills by downloading this tea leaf reader for free. Touch the cup to drink the tea and watch as the leaves mysteriously spell out your future. Warning: The events predicted by this application may not come true, qsoft accepts no liability for any men…

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