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  • Indian Food Recipe


    Indian food recipe android app is free recipe app for food lovers. You can share recipes with your friends, family and on social networks. Recipes from different regions of India is there for different taste and flavors. Complete recipe with ingredients listing is there in app with measurements....

  • Keepsake - Alarm




    Staying on task isn't always easy, especially when you have a hectic schedule. Now with Keepsake, you easily create alarm for your daily tasks, and forget about them. When time comes, Keepsake will remind you. Keepsake is a user-friendly app which provides you the facility to create reminders...

  • Mate Notes




    Most of problems are causes between husband and wife is because of forgetting task that is given by Mate/Spouse. It’s very hard to remind task for the husband in today’s busy life. But after all family is also important and family’s tasks are also important . So purpose of this app is...

  • Drink Water




    In our day to day busy schedule of our life, we are consuming less amount of water than required. We bring illness by not consuming required amount of water. To keep our body healthy, drinking proper amount of water is necessary. This app will remind you to drink water regularly. Keep...

  • Website Downtime




    Android Website downtime monitoring utility: Android App to get notifications when website is offline or having some trouble. Add unlimited websites to check for downtime. You can configure app to Enable or Disable notifications, Enable or Disable notification sound. By default app will...

  • Kids Education




    Learn With Play: Here kids can learn spellings with images. In learn after opening any spelling you can swipe left or right to move next or previous. Here kids will play rainy spelling game. Where odd position's characters comes automatically and Kid has to select correct even characters...

  • Interior Design




    Interior Design is the perfect tool to visualize and plan your interior decorating and design projects. Organize your dorm room or apartment, experiment with furniture layouts and color schemes, even plan a complete kitchen or bathroom makeover. The largest collection of interior design and...

  • Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs




    Ayurvedic Plants and Drugs - Traditional Indian Herbal Medicine. This Application provides list of Ayurvedic Plants along with its details and image (picture) of each herb / herbal plant. Medicinal plants are plants which have a recognized medical use. They range from plants which are used in...

  • Signals Game




    Signals is a simple Android game. Hit as many signals as you can in 15 seconds of time. Compare your total signals with your friends and family and see how fast you are. Go hit your signals now...

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