• Noursat TV




    Noursat is the first Christian television in Lebanon and the Middle East founded in order to spread the Word of God and to promote multi-cultural understanding and religious dialogue between all citizens. After years of broadcast, Noursat has become a daily bread and hope for the Christian...

  • Medjugorje Messages




    From its beginning in June 1981 up to now, Apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje has attracted attention of millions of people in the world. "Medjugorje Messages" is a Multi-language application that offers possibility of publishing Our Lady’s messages from the visionaries themselves in...

  • Rangers Events




    Part from their mission to empower Military-Civilian interaction, The Rangers of Lebanese Army are organizing yearly sports events in Lebanon to promote the below objectives: - Enjoy Lebanon's nature - Exploring Lebanon's mountains and beauty - Promote Lebanon's touristic image by...

  • Jil el Injil




    كِلّ هالشـّي صار لأَنكُن حَمَّلتُونا مَسؤُولِيِّة كبِيرة من خِلال مُتابَعِتكُن، واِهتِمامكُن بِ برنامِج جيل الإنجيل ومُشارَكِتكُن. مسابقة جيل الإنجيل لون من ألوان التّسلية الرُّوحيِّة… مُوَجَّها لَ كِل مَسِيحي... نعَمَلِت تَ تنَشِّط الذّاكرَة، وتكُون منافَسِة فِكرِيِّة ورُوحيِّة وبيبليِّة...

  • Evaporation Rate Meter




    Plastic shrinkage cracks occur when the surface of the concrete dries rapidly and shrinks before it can gain sufficient tensile strength to resist cracking. When ambient conditions & temperatures combine to produce conditions that create a high evaporation rate; the chances of the surface...

  • Quakevision Mobile




    Founded in 2008, with the aim of serving Lebanon, the MENA region, Europe and North America; QUAKEVISION LLC is a Beirut-based Creative Multimedia Agency with ambition to help you launch, improve, increase and expand your business using the latest Emerging Digital Media Solutions. Our provided...

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