Quantum Squid Interactive

  • Pylon Full Free

    Pylon Full Free




    Adventure into mysterious lands, battle dangerous monsters and collect heaps of epic loot! Explore the world of Pylon, a classic and robust Action RPG! Enjoy fluid combat, diverse abilities and a variety of expansive environments packed with creatures, treasure and more... Pylon fuses...

  • Veggie Samurai Full Free

    Veggie Samurai Full Free




    It's time to give veggies what they have had coming for years!! Feel the power at your finger tips! Put your swordsman skills to the test as you use your fingers to slice and dice veggies of all shapes and sizes in Veggie Samurai. *************************** Veggie Samurai is an addictive,...

  • Veggie Samurai: Uprising

    Veggie Samurai: Uprising




    Calling all Veggie Samurais! - Suit up, sharpen your blades, and stretch out those fingers. BECOME the Veggie Samurai... It is time to face a new challenge... it is time for an Uprising! "INCREDIBLY fun game!! I can't stop coming back for more!" "All the fun of Doodle Jump +...

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