Download Quarterback Quarterback icon

    In this football game, your goal as the quarterback is to drive the team from the 100 yard line to a touch down. Throw the ball to your team with your finger, while avoiding an interception. The faster you throw the ball, the faster the ball will go. Just slide your finger from the football to the intended receiver.

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    Download Finger Pool Finger Pool icon
    Finger Pool

    A pocket pool or billiard table for the road. Bring it with you on your device and use your finger to shoot the queue ball. The faster the shot the faster the ball, just click the queue ball and slide your finger.

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    Download City Shoot II 3D City Shoot II 3D icon
    City Shoot II 3D

    City Shoot II, now in 3D with faster enemy cars. Chase them down in the city and get the bad guys before they leave town. On screen gas and break peddles and fire button. Features: **heads up display for power, break and fire button **tilt steering with physics horizontal leveling for smooth screen rotation **enemy cars appear and shoot more oft…

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    Download Dunk Dunk icon

    Slam dunk the cannon ball, only using a sling shot. Stretch the sling shot, aim and fire the cannon ball into the bucket. If you make it into the bucket the water may splash a little, but you score. Not only that, you get an additional three cannon balls to fire. If you run out of cannon balls, the game is over and your score is displayed. See…

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    Download Salary Salary icon

    This Salary Calculator is a great tool for estimating your annual salary. Enter your hourly rate and click calculate. It's that easy and it calculates the annual salary, with Net, Gross and other income estimates.

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    Download Orbit Orbit icon

    This is a fun game. Press the arrows to turn on a thruster and the center key to turn off the thruster. The goal is to put the Sattelite into orbit around the earth with out crashing or flying off the screen. Try it with a friend to see who can maintain the longest flight without thrusters. Time it with Lap Times.

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    Download Two Dice Two Dice icon
    Two Dice

    If you have games that are missing dice or if your playing on an uneven surface, this is a great application. Just click role and two dice are displayed with each value and a total.

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    Download Myiasis Myiasis icon

    Fly the aircraft and shoot the buildings. Avoid getting hit by enemy fire. Stay out of the no fly zone to avoid getting lost. Try to clear out the entire city.

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