Download Space Fire Demo Space Fire Demo icon
Space Fire Demo

Lets you play the demo free. No smart bombs or levels. The full version is much more challenging and requires some thought into play strategy to obtain the highest score and increase levels and play challenge. We hope you enjoy this game. Have Fun!

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Download Turkey Hunter Turkey Hunter icon
Turkey Hunter

Take your pet hunting dog and your bow and arrow with you and catch a turkey. Make sure your aim is accurate when you shoot the arrow, because your pet can be a little playful and get in the way and you don't want to be in the dog house. See how much you can bring to the table this Thanks Giving. Happy Hunting.

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Download Quarterback Quarterback icon

In this football game, your goal as the quarterback is to drive the team from the 100 yard line to a touch down. Throw the ball to your team with your finger, while avoiding an interception. The faster you throw the ball, the faster the ball will go. Just slide your finger from the football to the intended receiver.

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Download Snap Rid Snap Rid icon
Snap Rid

Make money by providing a product name, description, price and snapping a picture using your phone. It's just that easy. All you have to do is get this Snap Rid application. When you run it, enter your contact information in the personal settings. Confirm your settings for verification, then just select "Add Item" Fill in the for…

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Download Finger Pool Finger Pool icon
Finger Pool

A pocket pool or billiard table for the road. Bring it with you on your device and use your finger to shoot the queue ball. The faster the shot the faster the ball, just click the queue ball and slide your finger.

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Download Thumb Drum Thumb Drum icon
Thumb Drum

Use your thumbs to play the drums. Great with an amplifier or head phones. Get ideas for your drum set while your away, you can easily take this with you.

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Download Baseball Bat Baseball Bat icon
Baseball Bat

Arcade style pinball baseball game. Get bases loaded and hit a home run. You play against the computer and when your up to bat, try to get base hits or a home run. When you are in the outfield try to catch the ball (so you can bat again). The game ends after 7 innings. Three strikes or a pop fly catch and your out.

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Download City Shoot II 3D City Shoot II 3D icon
City Shoot II 3D

City Shoot II, now in 3D with faster enemy cars. Chase them down in the city and get the bad guys before they leave town. On screen gas and break peddles and fire button. Features: **heads up display for power, break and fire button **tilt steering with physics horizontal leveling for smooth screen rotation **enemy cars appear and shoot more oft…

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Download Car Race Car Race icon
Car Race

Touch the device to move the car and avoid a collision. There is a little leway since things can get tight, but if you hit too hard the game is over.

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Download Dunk Dunk icon

Slam dunk the cannon ball, only using a sling shot. Stretch the sling shot, aim and fire the cannon ball into the bucket. If you make it into the bucket the water may splash a little, but you score. Not only that, you get an additional three cannon balls to fire. If you run out of cannon balls, the game is over and your score is displayed. See…

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