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  • Queens Chess PRO

    Queens Chess PRO




    Are you smart enough to figure this puzzle out? Queens Chess PRO is not your average chess game. Try to solve the puzzle by placing all 8 of your queens on the chess board in just the right place so that none can take capture the other. This brain teaser will keep you entertained as you try to...

  • SHW 38 Mini Games

    SHW 38 Mini Games




    A short History of the World is a speed test type game that takes you back to all the important times in our history. Do you have what it takes to take on the world?Travel through time and solve the challenges that await.

  • Sim Lemonade Millionaire

    Sim Lemonade Millionaire




    How well can you make lemonade? Enough to be a millionaire? Try your best to build the biggest, most successful lemonade stand around! Be the boss of your own lemonade business and rake in the cash from your hard work. Sim Lemonade Million, now on android.

  • Roller Coaster Inventor

    Roller Coaster Inventor




    The successor to the best selling Roller Coaster Creator is now free for mobile on android. Are you up to the challenge of making the sickest, greatest, twistiest roller coaster ever? this roller coaster making simulator is your chance to prove your skills against gravity and send the theme park...

  • Sudoku Snow World

    Sudoku Snow World




    Love Sudoku? Then, Sudoku Snow World is just for you. play the classic game in different styles with a holiday theme! The snowy backgrounds make this Sudoku game a joy to play and will really bring in the holidays. Sudoku Snow World, for android.

  • Red Riot

    Red Riot




    Tear through your enemies with a jet pack and a machine gun! Side scrolling shooter, Red Riot looks amazing and will blow your socks off with intense enemy shredding action, a real bullet hell. Red Riot, Chinese inspired, for android.

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control




    Try to watch the risque t.v shows when your parents aren't watching. Change back before they catch you. This game of skill will keep you on your toes! play with your friends and see who can score the highest. Remote Control, for android.

  • Knights Day

    Knights Day




    Can you save the Princess? Play Knights Day and find out if it is your day! Save the princess and gains points. Don't get caught by the evil knight. Knights Day, for android.

  • Gem Cannon

    Gem Cannon




    Hit all the gems in the strategic game for Android. Shoot your cannon in Gem Cannon and gain points to beat each round. A good challenge, play Gem Cannon against your friends.

  • Lumber Zap

    Lumber Zap




    Lumber Zap is a defense style game that is more intense than you would think. Defend against the incoming waves of lumberjacks cutting down the forest. Compete against your friends playing Lumber Zap, for android.

  • Onslaught





    Onslaught for android. Stop the incoming waves of enemy forces. Man a cannon to stop the Onslaught! Compete against your friends and see who can last longer.

  • Overlord II Tower Defense

    Overlord II Tower Defense




    DO you have what it takes to be an Overlord? Overlord II Tower Defense, for android. Compete with your friends and see who can score the highest. Defend against the incoming waves.

  • Hangman Mobile Pro

    Hangman Mobile Pro




    Classic Hangman. Hangman Mobile Pro is perfect for your mobile device and will provide hours of classic Hangman entertainment. Schoolhouse themed, Hangman Mobile Pro is sure to please.

  • Pyramids Defense

    Pyramids Defense




    This entertaining tower defense style game, pyramid themed, is as challenging as you would expect. Play Pyramids Defense against your friends and see who can score the highest. Survive waves of incoming enemies playing Pyramid Defense, for android.

  • Make a City

    Make a City




    Make a City is puzzle game that will challenge even the best. Plan your city accordingly to gain points and see how big your city will get. Play against your friends and see who will create the best city. Make a City, for android.

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