• Alarm notifier

    Alarm notifier




    Sticky notification to see when your next alarm is set. To change, just tap the notification. This works with the standard Android alarm clock on all Android versions.

  • Pakhuis de Zwijger

    Pakhuis de Zwijger




    This app will show upcoming events at "Pakhuis de Zwijger" located in Amsterdam. Add events right into your calendar with a single tap. This way you wont miss your favorite event.

  • MathStar





    MathStar combines math and speed together. Choose two numbers and apply math rules while numbers are passing by. But be careful only touch numbers that match with the result of one of the following math rules: - Divide (/) - plus (+) - Minus (-) - Multiple (*) Works on all android versions!!...

  • Arcade-Volleyball





    Arcade-Volleyball brings the classic DOS game “Arcade Volleyball” from the year 1988 to Android. Original UI and sounds are used to keep the old school look. Enjoy!!!! 10/1/2010 Updated: - Mayor control fix using trackball Coming up: - Adjust trackball sensitivity Still in beta. Please leave...

  • QVGallery





    Straight forward picture viewer with swipe mode and slideshow. The thumbnail scroll makes it easy and quick to use. Tap on thumbnail to see bigger image. Double tap bigger image for swipe mode. - For improvements and or feature suggestions contact me - 9/6/2010 updated: - Force close slideshow...

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