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  • Toothbrush Timer

    Toothbrush Timer




    Of course we all know that cleaning our teeth is important for healthy and beautiful teeth. However sometimes it tends to be quite hard to do it right: getting around all parts and keep brushing for 2 minutes. This app, the Toothbrush timer can be of help. The app indicates clearly what part of...

  • Log Your Kid

    Log Your Kid




    Log Your Kid lets you log simple data about your kid, with just a few button presses. Then, whenever you want, you can look at overviews or graphs of this data. For example, suppose your child is ill and you take its temperature. Simply click on the temperature button and enter the value. Later,...

  • Kitchen Timer

    Kitchen Timer




    A nifty kitchen timer or egg timer which is easy to use, by sliding your finger over the screen. Ranging from 1 second to 12 hours. Press the menu button to get into the settings menu. Can also be used as shower timer. App can be stored on SD-card. User manual:...

  • Kitchen Timer Pro

    Kitchen Timer Pro




    Ad-free easy to use kitchen timer. Set by sliding your finger over the screen. Ranging from 1 second to 12 hours. Four timers supported simultaneously. Let's you make pictures of the pan/product you're timing. Over 40 background images to choose from. Locking feature to lock timer until...

  • LogYourself



    With this app you can log everything you want to keep track of. Choose your logs or create them from scratch. Keep your important notes organized in logs. Keeping track of your weight becomes the simplest experience: Just step on the scales, start the app, click weight, enter the number, and...

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