Awesome apps for every device!

Awesome apps for every device!


Download Double Click Lock Double Click Lock icon
Double Click Lock

Double Click Lock Widget is very useful app. Most of the modern smartphones have double tap option to turn off and turn on display. This app allows all devices, even older ones, to turn off display when user double tap on the homescreen. Fast, easy, and very handy... - the app should work on all devices using android gingerbread or higher version -…

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Download World Offline Map World Offline Map icon
World Offline Map

This is offline atlas. It contains detailed maps of all continents and a few world maps. Also, the app includes World Time Zone Map. You can zoom in, zoom out (use the on-screen buttons or pinch-to-zoom) and explore all the world offline without any GPS or network access. This is not a navigation. The permission for internet is only for showing ad…

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Download Rescan SD Media Card Rescan SD Media Card icon
Rescan SD Media Card

This is very simple and very useful for some users app. Its purpose is to rescan (remount) your SD card with one click, without remove it or go into settings. This is very helpful when you see that your latest photos or downloaded music is not found by your music player, gallery, etc. The app works with Android KITKAT and higher too!

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Download Lights ON Lights ON icon
Lights ON

This is very cool logic/puzzle game - similar to Plumber. Your goal is to rotate the pipes so the battery power reaches the light bulbs. But careful, you must be quick!

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Download Earth Compass Earth Compass icon
Earth Compass

This is simple compass tool, with nice looking images. App includes a lot of different combinations of compass styles. Combines images of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and more. This is most enjoyable compass tool - simple, effective, useful, beautiful. For calibrating the compass, rotate the device in 8 shape…

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Download Cards Battle / War Cards Battle / War icon
Cards Battle / War

This is very old card game, originally called "War". In this Cards Battle you can play vs AI or vs your friend via in-game HotSeat mode. You can read rules of the game, in game help, or over the internet. Rules: In the basic game there are two players and you use a standard 52 card pack. Cards rank as usual from high to low: A K Q J T 9…

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Download Color Mixer RGB HEX Color Mixer RGB HEX icon
Color Mixer RGB HEX

This is simple but very useful tool for mixing colors. Check the output color by adding different amount of main colors. The app works in two modes - HEX and RGB. The app includes RGB - HEX converter, and image color picker tool.

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Download Glow Compass Glow Compass icon
Glow Compass

Simple yet useful compass tool with nice glow effect. If you are near magnetic field and if it needs, you can calibrate it, by rotating your device in eight shape. Now added Magnetic Field detector! N - north NE - northeast E - east SE - southeast S - south SW - southwest W - west NW - northwest

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Download Slap That Slap That icon
Slap That

Simple and fun game for wasting some time. Slap the guy as fast as you can to be the best player! It's time to do some slaps...

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Download Megapixel Calculator Megapixel Calculator icon
Megapixel Calculator

Megapixel Calculator is very useful and informative app for understanding different resolutions. Just type number of megapixels and you will see all possible variations of screen, photo and camera resolutions. Or even more - type the resolution of your photo, screen or camera, and the app will tell you the aspect ratio and number of megapixels. Now…

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Download Ball Of Questions Ball Of Questions icon
Ball Of Questions

This app works like a real Magic 8 Ball. Simply ask a question (Yes or No questions) and shake the device and the answer shall be revealed. Instead of shaking you can see the answer with touching the ball as well. Now in the app is added nice 'Ball OQ' widget. Place it on your homescreen and with only one touch you can see the answers of yo…

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Download Can Destroyer Can Destroyer icon
Can Destroyer

This is very simple and addictive game played in many carnivals in real world. Now you can kill some time with this mobile game similar to "Can Knockdown". You have some balls and some cans. You must hit with the balls all the cans to fall on the floor. Once you do that you will continue to the next level. Enjoy with two chapters and many…

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