• Earth Compass Pro

    Earth Compass Pro




    This is simple compass tool, with nice looking images. App includes a lot of different combinations of compass styles. Combines images of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and more. This is most enjoyable compass tool - simple, effective, useful, beautiful......

  • Rescan SD Media Card

    Rescan SD Media Card




    This is very simple and very useful for some users app. Its purpose is to rescan (remount) your SD card with one click, without remove it or go into settings. This is very helpful when you see that your latest photos or downloaded music is not found by your music player, gallery, etc. The app...

  • Math Genius Tool

    Math Genius Tool




    This is collection of math tools. It contains scientific calculator, unit converter between many kinds of units (temperature, length, energy, power, velocity, volume, weight...), tool to solve quadratic equations, section with different kinds of formula, numeric systems conversation tool and more...

  • Хороскоп Плюс

    Хороскоп Плюс




    Хороскоп Плюс дешифратор на ЕГН, хороскоп (оракул), гледане на кафе, състояние за деня, календар на именните дни, съновник, любовен метър и магическа топка в едно. Подобно е приложението "z-info". Показва ви района, дата на раждане, зодия, пол на човека, както и доста обемна информация...

  • Dice Game

    Dice Game




    This is a game with six dices also known as Farkle Dice, Battle Dice, Zilch, Yahtzee, Barbut, Crap Out or 10000 Dice. At the start of the game you roll them with clicking the button or shaking your phone. Different number combinations gives you different number of points. If you like combination...

  • Приказки и Песнички

    Приказки и Песнички




    Приказки и Песнички е колекция от детски приказки, песни и истории преведени на български език в звуков формат. Повечето са дело на БАЛКАНТОН и може да ги помните от детството си. Приложението не съдържа в себе си нито един запис. Всичко се стриймва директно от интернет за това внимавайте, ако...

  • Hit The Bunny

    Hit The Bunny




    Hit The Bunny - is very cool and simple game. Your goal is to hit as many bunnies as you can. Press the 'Start' button to begin, then hit on the bunnies as fast as possible. The game will start to speed up and become faster and faster. If you miss 5 or more bunnies the game ends. You can...

  • Притчи и Басни

    Притчи и Басни




    Това е сборка от поучителни разкази, притчи и басни на български език. Съдържа невероятни истории, които ще ви накарат да се замислите за живота си и да получите ценни съвети. Всички записи са офлайн и приложението няма нужда от интернет за да четете притчите. Интернет позволението е само с цел...

  • Deal or Risk - Cars Edition

    Deal or Risk - Cars Edition




    This is similar game to "Deal or No Deal" TV game. At the start you pick your box, and then open boxes one by one. Every box contains money or car. Occasionally the banker will give you offers. You can pick the money, banker gives you, or continue playing until you get what's in...

  • Pull My F.....

    Pull My F.....




    This is extremely simple and useless game, but still it is fun to hear different kinds of farts and burps. Just pull the finger and you almost can smell the fart. Now app includes Fart Piano! Play your favorite song with fart sounds! Enjoy!

  • Карти България Офлайн

    Карти България Офлайн




    Offline BG Maps Това са офлайн карти на по-големите градове в България. Приложението не се нуждае от интернет или GPS за да работи (изискването за интернет е само с цел показване на реклами), то не е навигация, а просто съвкупност от карти на български градове. Картите са подробни, а по големите...

  • Lights ON

    Lights ON




    This is very cool logic/puzzle game - similar to plumber. Your goal is to rotate the pipes so the battery power reaches the light bulbs. But careful, you must be quick! Enjoy the game, connect with google plus to share your score and compete with your friends and rest of the world. Win badges and...

  • Slap That

    Slap That




    Simple and fun game for wasting some time. Slap the guy as fast as you can to be the best player! Connect with Google+ and share your score! Beat all of your friends! Unlock achievements! It's time to do some slaps...

  • World Offline Map

    World Offline Map




    This is offline atlas. It contains detailed maps of all continents and two big world detailed maps. You can zoom in, zoom out (use the on-screen buttons or pinch-to-zoom) and explore all the world offline without any GPS or network access. This is not a navigation. The permission for internet is...

  • Megapixel Calculator

    Megapixel Calculator




    Megapixel Calculator is very useful and informative app for understanding different resolutions. Just type number of megapixels and you will see all possible variations of screen, photo and camera resolutions. Or even more - type the resolution of your photo, screen or camera, and the app will...

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