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    The first Ghanaian Internet radio stations otherwise known as The Stations for Ghanaians Abroad entails Ghana News, Radio, Web Radio, FM, News, Music, Debate, Gospel and Videos. Ghana Waves Radio lets you listen all Ghanaian stations on the web without cost. Enjoy over 200 Ghanaian Radio stations...

  • Ghana Journal




    Ghana Journal App keeps you informed -- wherever you are. As a map does not exhibit a more distinct view of the situation and boundaries of every country, than its news does a picture of the genius and morals of its inhabitants. By Oliver Goldsmith We bring you news from Ghana straight to your...

  • Africa Radio Internet Radio




    African Waves is an Internet Radio for Africans and friends of Africans Worldwide; you can call it Radio Africa. Internet Radio Africa was born in 2004 through Ghana Waves Radio at Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.. From Monrovia to Kampala, from Johannesburg to Benghazi and from Accra to...

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