• Freemason 3D Live Wallpaper




    Freemason 3D Symbol is a Live Wallpaper that constitutes a true virtual 3D masonic symbol that reacts to your movements using accelerometer sensors, and includes lots of customization options. Customize colors, velocity, responsiveness, anti-aliasing, frames per second, and more!! This live...

  • My 3D Image Gyro Depth Effect




    FREE Live Wallpaper that brings your still images to life by giving them a cool 3D depth effect using the gyroscope and accelerometer integrated to your device. Works similar to the "DeepEnd" iphone app and iOS 7 lockscreen. Now we added images from Android Jelly Bean! This Live...

  • Zombie Jump & Run




    A Zombie Jump & Run?! What?! YES, that's right! A new experience between all the flappy and floppy games in which you're a bird, but here, instead, you're a zombie! A bit of a clumsy zombie but a Zombie nonetheless! You can flap, you can jump, and you can also run. The...

  • Asteroid Belt 3D Wallpaper




    Feel the energy of raging asteroids traveling through space in this fully customizable 3D live wallpaper. Features a fantastic space scene with which you can interact using your accelerometer. This means that the motion sensors will detect if you tilt or move your device in order to move through...

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