Rajesh Kumar J

  • Call Black List

    Call Black List




    Call Black List application is useful to Block an Incoming Calls. User can anytime easily disable or enable this feature based on his requirements and also the Blacklist can be edited easily in order to block the incoming calls seamlessly. This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in...

  • My Call Tracer

    My Call Tracer




    My Call Tracer application will show the Network Operator and the Area of the Caller in India. Huge Collections & More Information of Mobile Operators, Cities / Towns & Localities. People from Foreign or India can easily get the Mobile Operator Names and Area name in India for the Calls...

  • Love Calculator & Flames

    Love Calculator & Flames




    Love Calculator & Flames app will let you know the relationship with a person you like & it calculates the percentage of Love.

  • Track App Installs

    Track App Installs


    Track App Installs is an application to track the history of Installations of all the applications. It lists all the Installed apps with the options to delete as well as to visit the Android play store page. Sending mail option on app installs is coming shortly..

  • Backup Mobile Data

    Backup Mobile Data




    Backup Mobile Data is an application to take backup of all your Messages, Call Logs and Bookmarks. It allows you to Send the backup data through Email from your phone directly. Still few other backup options are coming soon shortly.. Keep watching it..

  • Smart Settings

    Smart Settings




    Smart Settings is an Application which is having intelligence to create Profiles to change the Settings when any condition occurs.. When any conditions occurs, then do some actions based on the profiles created.. Example profiles are listed : - When Headset -> "Inserted" Launch...

  • Location Alarm & Trace Route

    Location Alarm & Trace Route




    Location Alarm application is very useful to set an Alarm based on Location. User can search the Place and set the Place as Target to make the Vibration Alarm alert when reached before some distance as specified in the settings. More updates coming soon shortly..

  • SMS Search

    SMS Search




    SMS Search application will seacrh the Messages very easily and fastly. Search SMS by giving some texts present in SMS or Mobile number or through Date. More updates coming soon very shortly..

  • Quick Easy Settings

    Quick Easy Settings




    Quick Easy Settings application allows the user to change the personal settings easily and quickly at one place. It controls all the basic settings which the user wants to change frequently but at one place for your easy. Few more Settings to be included very soon in the upcoming versions.

  • Password Protect For Calls

    Password Protect For Calls




    Password Protect For Calls application is useful to avoid the outgoing calls by accidental touches by you or anyone. This is only the protection of making a call by accidental touches.

  • Caller Last SMS

    Caller Last SMS


    Caller Last SMS application will display you to the last SMS sent by the caller while Incoming call.

  • Cricket For You

    Cricket For You




    Cricket For You application will get you the live cricket scores from cricinfo rss feed. You can watch live cricket scores which will automatically updates on the application.

  • Battery Monitor

    Battery Monitor




    Battery Monitor application will give the percent of Battery level in the Notification. Update coming soon with minor % changes of battery levels.

  • Read My Incoming SMS

    Read My Incoming SMS




    Read My Incoming SMS application will allows the device to read your incoming SMS automatically with dialog.

  • External Explorer

    External Explorer




    External Explorer application will allow you to browse the files and folders from the external memory or sdcard.

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