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    Download Kids Multiplication Tables Kids Multiplication Tables icon
    Kids Multiplication Tables

    Learn your multiplication facts the fun and exciting way with our app. Features in the app 1) Multiplication Tables from 1 - 12 2) Each Multiplication Table has * Practice session * Interesting quiz session 3) Fun game sessions 4) Multiplication Chart 5) Test You can choose the Multiplication tables in which you would like to take the test…

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    Download Kids ABC World Kids ABC World icon
    Kids ABC World

    Kids will never get bored when they reach Z. The alphabet sound,music,animation and great pictures will encourage kids to learn ABC easily in a fun way. Features in the app * Teaches Upper Case and Lower Case letters * Pictures and words with sound for each alphabet * Animations in each screen * Colorful and attractive backgrounds * Fun activi…

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    Download Division For Kids Division For Kids icon
    Division For Kids

    Looking to practice Division. Then this is the perfect app!.The app has unlimited number of problems. Features of the app: 1) Division tables and practise 2) Worksheets with timer. Worksheets have three levels - Easy,Medium,Hard Kids can practice simple division as well as division with remainders 3) Exercise 4) Game 5) Test

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    Download Kids Math - Kindergarten Kids Math - Kindergarten icon
    Kids Math - Kindergarten

    Kids Math - Kindergarten takes a creative approach to teaching math for kids in Kindergarten. Colorful and interactive activities will encourage kids to learn essential math concepts in a fun way. The app offers the following features 1) Numbers In this activity kids will recognize and learn numbers from 1 - 30 2) Match Number This activity i…

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    Download Kids Farm World Kids Farm World icon
    Kids Farm World

    Welcome to the farm world! The application teaches young kids about farm, farm animals,animal sounds, vegetables and fruits that grow in the farm The app covers the following features ★ General facts and pictures about farm ★ Lots of interesting puzzles ★ Match it! is a matching memory game with beautiful pictures related to farm. Improves Ki…

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    Download First Grade Math First Grade Math icon
    First Grade Math

    This series helps first grade students master basic math skills through focused practice. The app covers the following features. 1) Arrange Numbers until 100. Kids can practice arranging numbers both in Ascending and Descending orders * Arrange numbers between 20 and 50, between 50 and 100 * Skip-Count by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5…

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    Download Kids Math Place Value Kids Math Place Value icon
    Kids Math Place Value

    Features of the app ■ Learn (Levels - Easy,Medium,Hard) » Place Value Cards » Place Value Chart » Place Value Decimal » Expanded Form ■ Practice (Levels - Easy,Medium,Hard) » Where is my Place? » Build numbers using base ten blocks. » Place Value House » Standard Form » Expanded Form ■ Games (Levels…

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    Download Subtraction For Kids Subtraction For Kids icon
    Subtraction For Kids

    Subtraction for Kids provides unlimited number of problems to practise subtraction. The app offers timed worksheets with different levels and test. Features of the app: 1) Horizontal Subtraction worksheets 2) Vertical Subtraction Worksheets 3) Missing digits 4) Exercise 5) Test

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    Download Math Practice-Workout and Game Math Practice-Workout and Game icon
    Math Practice-Workout and Game

    Get in some serious math training in Addition,Subtraction,Division and Multiplication with Math Practice - Workout and Game. Improve your math ability as you enjoy various levels in each category. Each category has easy,medium and hard levels. After getting some practice challenge your skill with the fun game.

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    Download Kids English - Kindergarten Kids English - Kindergarten icon
    Kids English - Kindergarten

    The app covers the following features. * Alphabetical order Kids will get familiarize in ordering both upper case and lower case alphabets/letters * Match upper and lower case alphabets * Puzzle * Spelling fun - The app provides more than 100 words * Missing letters You can choose the number of missing letters. The app provides three lett…

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    Download Kids Math Counting Fun Kids Math Counting Fun icon
    Kids Math Counting Fun

    Features of the app 1) Learn counting a) Conveyor Activity - Conveyor drops the correct number of toys b) Shapes counting 2) Candle Activity - Light the candles after counting the correct number of candles on the cake. 3) Missing Numbers a) Caterpillar Activity- Find out the missing numbers on the caterpillar and make it happy!…

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    Download Multiplication Made Fun Multiplication Made Fun icon
    Multiplication Made Fun

    Practice Multiplication in different levels and in different formats with our app and become a Multiplication Wizard ! Features of the app 1) Colorful Multiplication Tables from 1 - 12 * Each table has exercise and quiz 2) Multiply and Match activity for all tables 3) Missing Products - Random and Sequence 4) Drill - Missing Factors an…

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