Ramunas Geciauskas

  • BoxCar2D - Evolution Simulator




    BoxCar2D - where physics, evolution, artificial intelligence, and genetics collide. BoxCar2D imitates random evolution of cars based on natural selection. How it works: Each generation has 10 candidates and their performance is based on the distance they travel. Every car has 30 seconds to...

  • Roller Flick - Strategy Game


    Roller Flick is an unique, highly addictive strategy ball game. Player competes with computer trying to flick opponent pieces off the board advancing in levels. Game consists of 3 different playing modes: * Tournament Mode - player tries to reach the highest possible level, losing a piece in each...

  • WikiQuiz - Wikipedia Quiz


    Fun and educational quiz where you have to figure out the topic of a random Wikipedia article and fill in the missing words.

  • GeoGame - Geography Quiz Game




    GeoGame is a fun way to learn the countries, capitals, and flags of the world. Test and improve your knowledge of political geography using highly customizable quizzes and detailed maps. Main Features: * 12 types of questions (country names, capitals, flags, location on the map) * Detailed...

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