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  • Klingon Bartender Guide

    Klingon Bartender Guide




    House VamPyr and Random Android Apps presents the Klingon Bartender Guide. Listed are drinks from around the universe. We are also honored to include drinks from Quarks Bar We ask that if you make any of...

  • Klingon Warrior DB

    Klingon Warrior DB




    nuqneH tlhIngan!! This is a Klingon Warrior Database brought to you by House VamPyr. It contains over 90 known Klingon Warriors. If you find any mising please go to and let us know and we will add any missing Klingon Warriors. This app needs you to make it...

  • Pink Bunny Fart Sounds!!!

    Pink Bunny Fart Sounds!!!




    Pink Bunny Fart Sounds!!! No Really It Is!! Version 7 - Fixed close button error. Version 6 - Removed the Song button to speed up install. Was just way to big for the app.

  • Blue Bunny Fart Sounds

    Blue Bunny Fart Sounds




    Blue Bunny Fart Sounds!! Pull his hear to here one of many fart sounds.. No really!!!

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