• Death Derby

    Death Derby




    Fasten your seat belts, put on your helmet, hit the gas and take a part in one of a kind derby that is only about one thing - total destruction. Choose your favourite vehicle from various set of machines prepared to hit and crush. Show your friends who is the champion in this arena by turning...

  • Cowlien





    Alien Cows! What are you waiting for to try it?!?! It's simple! Steals grass from aliens so your cows can survive! Get all the grass you can two game modes. Touch the small ship to spawn or retrieve the cows. They eat when they are out. Be careful!! Your cows can be killed. Double tap the...

  • Find The Frogs

    Find The Frogs




    Find the 4 frogs shown in the box. Click to select them. Wrong selections cost time! When the time is out, the game ends. The time is shown in the clock. When you find the correct 4. You get points base on remaining time. Each 500 points you complete a level. Each level adds a new column. Fast,...

  • Legumin Diamond Hunter

    Legumin Diamond Hunter




    The small Legumin, dreams of being the richest of his village looking for valuable objects everywhere. But he always loses them! Tired of being made fun of, he has gathered a lot of diamonds, tired of the effort, he took a nap and a troll stole his diamonds! Help him recover his diamonds without...

  • Digger





    This is a port to Android of the classic game Digger, all the speed, emeralds, and monsters from the old days in your phone!! Fast, easy, simple, addictive!! Worldwide record system, inside the game!! Frequent updates. Several input methods, and fully configurable. Versions: 1.2: * Fixed the...

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