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  • Learn Chess

    Learn Chess




    Learn chess from the materials inside this app. App will teach you about steps for this mind game. Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It is one of the world's most popular games, played...

  • Telugu Quran

    Telugu Quran




    Find holy Al-Quran in telugu.The app contains all the things in telugu. It will help for muslim brothers and sister for knowing islam. The app contains very easy,simple and interactive interface. Muslim brotherhood had been teach also in quran. The app contains Surah Al-Kahf, Surah Al-Inshiqaq,...

  • How to Wear Saree (Sari)

    How to Wear Saree (Sari)




    Learn how to wear saree at different style. The app contains method to teach you step by step things to make you expert on thing. How to wear a Jamdani saree in Bengali style, India Wearing Marwari saree, Maharashtrian drape style, India Mundum Neriyathum Drape Two-Piece Style Lifestyle...

  • Hindi Jokes - Funny Chutkule

    Hindi Jokes - Funny Chutkule




    Find great variety of hindi jokes which you have never heard before. Laughter is the best medicine in the world. It will tell you jokes which affects daily life. Jokes about life,friends,world,nation ,politics and many more.So, what are you waiting for? Download the app , Happy Jokes!!

  • القرآن الكريم باللغة العربية

    القرآن الكريم باللغة العربية




    هذا التطبيق لديه أشرطة الفيديو القرآن العظيم في ذلك. فقد سهل جدا للاستخدام واجهة تفاعلية. الإسلام هو دين عظيم جدا. القرآن الكريم هو أعظم كتاب ديني في جميع أنحاء العالم. كل مسلم أن يقرأ القرآن. من المهم كما أخذ نفسا. وضع الاستعراضات الخاصة ودرجات التقييم لمزيد من...

  • Hair Style For Men

    Hair Style For Men




    Hair cuts are very important part of men's fashion. Find great hair style of men. Learn by the app at your home. Interactive and easy interface. Here is the types and features of style: - Clipper Haircut - Even Men's Haircut - Haircuts With a Razor - Shingling Haircut - Emo Haircut -...

  • English Grammer in Hindi

    English Grammer in Hindi




    Learn English grammar in your own hindi language. The app contains series of material which will make you expert in english grammar. Here is the contents of the app: - Past Indefinite Tenses - Future Indefinite Tense - Continuous Tenses - Present Perfect Tense - Perfect Continuous Tenses -...

  • Hair loss Treatment Videos

    Hair loss Treatment Videos




    Find great video which help you to grow your hair. There are also some home remedies available in the app for straighten your hair. Hair loss or baldness also known as alopecia is a loss of hair from the head or body. Baldness can refer to general hair loss or male pattern baldness...

  • General Knowledge- GK in Hindi

    General Knowledge- GK in Hindi




    Find GK app for various indian examinations. Download this free app and it will be helpful for bank exams,railway exams, SSC exams, UPSC, GPSC, and various state level exams. The app can also use by school and college students for increase their GK gyan all things are in hindi. App videos and...

  • Hindi Shayari - Latest

    Hindi Shayari - Latest




    Find great Shayari of hindi. It contains great subject includes love,emotion. It will make you laugh,cry and you will sure like it. Shayari is a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms which were basically originated from Arabic and borrowing much from the Persian language.

  • Indian Constitution For UPSC

    Indian Constitution For UPSC




    Indian Constitution is largest in the world. Find great video tutorials for UPSC student. It will help student to learn indian from this app. Download app and be prepare for the next exam. Constitution is the supreme law in india. To design framework it has political definition. All citizen...

  • Gujarati Bhajans

    Gujarati Bhajans




    Find great variety of gujarati bhajans from this app. Download the app and get good religious songs for god.

  • Fat Burning Easy Yoga

    Fat Burning Easy Yoga




    Lean secret tips about yoga and find the app more helpful for your health and daily workouts. For the daily use fat burn will help also to make weight loss from the Yoga exercise. Weight Loss Yoga - Total Body Workout Power Yoga for Weight Loss Moderate Yoga Class 60 Minute Cardio and Abs...

  • Al quran dan terjemahan app

    Al quran dan terjemahan app




    The app is for followers of islam.It contains holy book Quran with videos. The indonesian people of Indonesia and malay speaking can us the app.The app contains Al quran dan terjemahan app. Give your review and ratings for appreciate the efforts. Below things in the app :...

  • Spanish Food Recipes

    Spanish Food Recipes


    Spanish food are very good at taste. The app contains series of spanish food that you can can at your home. Here is the number of food in the app as recipes: - Cuchifrito - Kebab de cochinillo cuchifrito - Paella Chicken & Chorizo - Paella de bogavante Video receta - Paella - Paella Mixta -...

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