• Zombie Ringtones

    Zombie Ringtones




    Zombie ringtones features sounds of the dead at the tap of a button. All the moans, groans, brains, screams and scary music you'd expect in your favorite zombie movie. Simply tap a zombie themed button to listen to sounds of the dead. Easily set any sound as your ringtone, notification or...

  • Top Ten Sound Effects

    Top Ten Sound Effects




    Top 10 Sound Effects has the 10 most downloaded and usable sound effects on the market. Choose between the sounds of a cow, a boxing bell, a buzzer, a police siren, a laser gun, a shotgun, crickets, a car alarm, a fart and a loser-sound. Simply tap any button at the top of the screen to start...

  • Top 10 Lullabies

    Top 10 Lullabies




    Top 10 Lullabies features the 10 best songs to soothe your little one or keep your toddler busy. Children love pressing the screen to hear the 10 classic lullabies: ABCs London Bridge Mary Had A Little Lamb BINGO Lullaby Hush Little Baby Twinkle Twinkle Rock A Bye Baby Teapot Baa Baa...

  • Top Bells and Whistles

    Top Bells and Whistles




    Top Bells and Whistles is a fun application that displays an animated whistle and has 10 bell or whistle sounds to choose from. Engage your whistle by tapping one of the bell or whistle buttons and disengage the animation by tapping the screen. Choose from 5 whistles: bird, lifeguard, bomb,...

  • Police Lights and Sirens

    Police Lights and Sirens




    Police Lights and Sirens is a fun application that displays an animated emergency light and makes different siren noises. Engage your lights and sirens by tapping one of the siren buttons, disengage the lights and sirens by tapping the lights display. - Eight different siren sounds - Loudest...

  • Loud Pocket Horns

    Loud Pocket Horns




    Turn your phone into a loud portable air horn that fits right into your pocket. Simply choose your board then have fun blasting your free Loud Pocket Air Horn. Use this application as a stadium horn, loud noise maker, to scare your friends, annoy your parents or just to make some loud noise....

  • Amazing Science Facts

    Amazing Science Facts




    Amazing Science Facts presents some of the most interesting science facts in the universe. Ranging a broad array of science topics. Learn something new with Amazing Science Facts. Enjoy these Amazing Science facts, sure to entertain. Features: - A constantly updated database of interesting...

  • Crystal Ball Fortune Teller

    Crystal Ball Fortune Teller




    Crystal Ball Fortune Teller will answer your most important questions. Simply concentrate... ask a question, then touch the hand and watch the hand and crystal ball come to life and respond. Like a magic 8 ball but only better, the hand of the fortune teller is said to never be wrong. Ask it...

  • Horror Scary Ringtones

    Horror Scary Ringtones




    Press and hold for features Set a ringtone to a contact, as the default ringtone, notification or alarm. Download the most scary sound app on the market. A scary collection of 45 scary, frightening sounds perfect for a cool ringtone of horror, notification or just to play around with. Easily...

  • Police Car Lights and Sirens

    Police Car Lights and Sirens




    Police Car Lights and Sirens features an animated police car and police sirens at the touch of a button for when emergency situations may arise. Choose from 8 selectable police sound effects, the loudest police sirens around! Simply tap a button to activate the lights and sirens, tap the police...

  • Nature Sounds Ringtones

    Nature Sounds Ringtones




    Nature Sounds Ringtones features free sounds of nature that you can use as a customized ringtone, notification, alarm, SMS alert and more! These nature sounds will help you relax, stay concentrated and focused. Nature Sounds Ringtones contains high quality sounds of nature. Bird sounds, ocean...

  • Siren Ringtones

    Siren Ringtones




    Free Loud Siren Ringtones features free loud sounds you can set as your ringtone, notification, SMS, email sound or as a loud ringtone to a contact. * 4.5/5 What an awesome app - Editor's Pick AppEggs.com * * Appbrain.com Hot App List 2013 * Press and hold for features Set a ringtone to...

  • Ringtones XL

    Ringtones XL




    Download the best free ringtone app on the market, with thousands of free ringtones and sound effects to perfectly customize your phone. Easily download and set any sound as your ringtone, alarm, notification or a contact. In this app you’ll be able to seamlessly download free, high quality...

  • Loud Ringtones

    Loud Ringtones




    Free Loud Mp3 Ringtones for SMS, custom ringtone, notification alarm or for a person calling. Loud ringtones features the most loud ringtones available. Over 45 loud sounds optimized with our patent pending technology to produce extremely loud ringtones and sounds and the proof is in the...

  • Flashlight Free

    Flashlight Free




    Small, light weight bright, easy to use flashlight application that doesn't require any special permissions to use. No sneaky ads, no banner ads, no kidding. - Instant on, uses camera's bright flash - No annoying sounds - No annoying ads - No special permissions - Works on 99% of...

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